The Desktop Wallpaper Project + Just Us. with Ben Cain

The Desktop Wallpaper Project + Just Us. with Ben Cain

Ben Cain

I received an email from a fellow named Will Hibberd a couple months ago asking me if I’d be interested in featuring some of the work from a design collective he helped start in The Desktop Wallpaper Project. The collective is called Just Us., and is made up of a number of young designers and recent graduates from the U.K. They’ve banded together to pool their talent, I think the idea being that if you one of them gets noticed, there’s a chance another of them might as well.

Looking through their work, I realized this was one extremely talented group of people. But the DWP is only once a week, and I wanted to be able to feature these young creatives faster then that. So Will and I plotted and planned and came up with a novel idea. We decided to release a wallpaper every weekday for the entire month of July. Monday through Friday, nonstop wallpapers, a constant stream of beautiful art.

The wallpapers I’ve received are pretty amazing, and I’m sure many of you will be finding new favorite artists over the next month. I’ve also decided on a different format for these artists. I’ve asked them some basic information about themselves and to describe their wallpapers, just to give a bit of insight. I can’t wait to show you all the rad stuff we have in store. Their styles are all over the place and there’s definitely something here for everyone. I hope you enjoy the next month of wallpapers and we’ll see you back tomorrow.

Name: Ben Cain
Degree/College: BA (Hons) Illustration, University for the Creative Arts (Maidstone)

About Your Wallpaper:
Halfway through working on an idea that was really just an excuse for me to draw lots of wolves, I started to think about where the icons would go. I looked at my desktop, which is usually swamped with hundreds of different versions of whatever I’m working on at the moment – left dumped wherever I’d dragged them to – and I started again, trying to design a wallpaper that would work for messy desktop keepers, and letting the icons play a part in the image. I had a couple of scenarios in mind, but I got into drawing divers, so that was that.

July 1, 2009