Lockwood Chair by Miswell

Continuing my recent flirtation with chairs, I present you the Lockwood chair by Miswell. This little puppy has a steel frame with a wooden seat and a really unique silhouette. I love the bends in the back of the chair which would cradle you into the chair. I think that blue color is pretty amazing as well, I’d love to have a little patio with a set of these to lounge around in.


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  1. rawbean July 1, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    I love chairs too! Yesterday we had a prototype (apparently hard to come by) of the new Knoll Generation chair dropped off at our office for the day. It’s a great chair, but what was better is the rep pulled a little, lime green model of this side chair their selling for like a 100 bucks out of her bag. That little model almost put me over the edge it was so damn cute. I was showing it to people all day. The Generation chair probably felt like chopped liver.

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