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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Bupla


Good Thursday, sorry for not posting this yesterday. As I was getting this week’s desktop wallpaper ready I realized that last week was Bosque, and this week is Bupla, both odd little B names. Oh well. Bupla is made up of Clémentine Dérodit and Mathieu Quiblier, a French artist and designer who make really cutesy characters and colorful art together. There’s just something about their style that totally grabs me and still feels really unique.

Their wallpaper is quite minimal and almost creepy. I really haven’t the faintest idea of what’s going on, but I love the soft focus and the muted colors. And the little critter by the tooth tree should definitely be made into some kind of plush figure.

New Prints by Andy Smith

I posted about Andy Smith only a few months back, but he’s already got a bunch of new prints in his shop and they’re absolutely beautiful. The poster at top is titled Cinema Francais and is printed in a totally bold and bright red, which I love, as is the bottom one which is titled Greed is Good?. Sadly, the bottom one is already sold out, as it was an edition of 5. Still, these are absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait for him to make more.


Always With Honor

I spoke about Tyler Lang in the last post, and so I thought I’d post another little piece about him and his collaborative work with Elsa Chaves, Always With Honor. It’s a fantastic name for a studio, and they do equally great work. The piece above is one of the dorkier things they created, an ongoing patchwork design of their favorite foods. Too cute not post, though I’m craving a Krispy Kreme donut now!


The Genomic Revolution

The decoding of genomes is definitely not the easiest thing to understand, but SEED Magazine has done a pretty great job of laying out the history of it with a great infographic. The image above was drawn by Tyler Lang, who I randomly heard about yesterday, small world. He’s kind of a genius when it comes to infographics, and his site his filled with great work.

The interactive piece above has little rollovers that give you information about each living thing that has had it’s genome sequenced. From the lowly flu virus to the most recent subject, the cow.

Click here to check out the interactive infographic.


The Last Guardian Trailer

I’ve been mildly obsessed with the folks over at Team Ico and their leader and brainchild Fumito Ueda ever since they released the video game Ico back in 2001. The game definitely revolutionized the idea of what a video game could and should be, simplifying the controls to their bare minimum and giving the overall experience an extremely cinematic feeling.

Since then they’ve released one other game, Shadow of the Colossus, a puzzle game of sorts where you must destroy humongous roaming colossi in order to save the life of a girl. This game was epic in it’s storytelling, as you traveled around the land on horseback, eventually reaching these giant beasts, and finally climbing onto many of them to destroy them.

It’s been nearly 4 years since Shadow of the Colossus, and thankfully Team Ico has a new project out now, titled The Last Guardian. There was an older video showcasing the game, at the time called Trico (which is now the name of the creature in the game), but since then they’ve redone the trailer and it looks absolutely beautiful. I really need to buy a PS3 now.


Free Font | Frank Bold Ltd

I think everyone likes finding a good free font, so I thought I’d toss this one out to everyone. It’s a new font from the folks over at Gestalten called Frank Bold Ltd, and features kind of a cleaned up, fresher looking blackletter that looks pretty sweet. I can already think of a project that I’d like to use this one for.


Generic Man Pop-Up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Last night I went to the opening of the Generic Man pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty here in Los Angeles. The event was in conjunction with the launch of Generic Man’s Spring/Summer ’09 line, as well as the addition of a rather sexy line of women’s shoes as well. The evening was rather fun, with plenty of good looking, well dressed people in attendance.

The pop-up itself was beautiful, with lots of structures made of recycled materials like wood and cardboard. The decorations were great, including Generic Ceramics or Pottery or something like that, a line of pots that were for sale and contained some nice succulents. There was also a flat gray Fiat parked in the middle of the space, looking tiny and cute.

To further compliment the shoes and atmosphere there were issues of Arkitip strewn about as well as a display for SUPER Sunglasses. You could even buy the furniture that was on display! If you’re around LA I’d definitely suggest you stop by, they’ve made a really great space.

Check under the cut for a ton more photos and details of the space.

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Check out the dark and creepy artwork of iregret, a Japanese artist that so far is pretty unknown, or at least I haven’t been able to dig anything up about him. Trying to translate his writing with Babelfish also wasn’t very fruitful. I do know the image at top has something to do with nose water, but that’s not very helpful.

Overall his pieces have an extreme realism, but they’re always moody, even if they’re splashed with colors all over them. Really brilliant stuff. Here’s a link to his blog as well where he has more work.



I got an email from Larry over at GrandArmy last week letting me know that they updated their site with a bunch of new material. He definitely wasn’t kidding, as their site is now packed to the brim with really great new work. They’ve made books, skateboards, silk-screened posters, created fonts and even helped get the Marty McFly dunks put into production.

One of my favorite projects was the branding and collateral they did for WNTD, a consulting and recruiting company. They created these amazing Spirograph looking pieces that are really detailed and beautiful. I would absolutely do a double-take if I saw this in person. There are a couple more of these under the cut, check ’em out.

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Maxim Zhestko

Maxim Zhestkov
is a Russian artist who does some damn amazing things with CG graphics. A lot of his work is beautifully minimal, using mostly black and white with occasional splashes of colors, but his work still packs quite a creative punch. The video above is called Modul, and it’s kind of a reel of amazing shapes exploding, stretching, morphing doing all kinds of crazy things.

I’d also highly suggest you check out his film for Nokia and Universaleverything which is absolutely brilliant. Click here to watch it.