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Otokoyama Sake

University College Falmouth grafuate Jamie Conkleton created this beautiful set of sake above that I’m totally in love with. Created with a westen audience in mind, the bottles were meant ti simplify the process of picking a type of sake. This is most clearly illustrated through the bottle itself, as the pure sake gets an opaque bottle, the refined sake in a hazy bottle, and the ultra-refined in a completely clear one. Such a simple and great way to get a message across, and at the same time quite beautiful.

Found through The Dieline

Festo Bionic Creations

It’s amazing to think that one day humans may be overrun by killer robotic… penguins? The video above is a display video by the technology company Festo, who are creating some absolutely amazing technology. Basing their research around the penguin, they’ve created completely robotic penguins that can swim just like they’re bird counterparts, but that’s not all. They’ve also created dirigible like penguins that can fly around autonomously, as in they don’t need help and they won’t crash into each other.

The first part of the video is pretty much all you need to see, but there’s also a great part about an interactive wall that is pretty exciting as well.


The Photographic Dictionary

As I was stumbling around the web I came across The Photographic Dictionary. Taken directly from their About section, “The Photographic Dictionary is dedicated to defining words through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.” So you’re presented with an alphabet, and in each alphabet are a list of words, and under each word is a photo and the definition of the word. A lot of the time I was surprised what the photo would be under each word, which is what makes the site so great. I definitely got lost in this site, and I’ll be checking in again in about a month to see what’s new.

I of course chose ‘Fox’ as my example photo, which was taken by Andrea Penisto, an Italian photographer.

Alison Scarpulla

I’m love, love, loving the photos of Alison Scarpulla. Her photographs are totally timeless and creepy, with tons of mood and drama coating every one of them. I feel like a lot of photographers out there try to take photos like these, but Alison totally nails it. I think the colors and light she’s able to capture are pretty beautiful as well and really add to the photos.

Found through The Company of People


Brice Bischoff

On Thursday my friend Max and I went downtown for his friends art show, and then we were headed to the Flux event at the Cooper Design Space. I’m always hesitant to go to smaller art shows, as a lot of the time the work can be very amateur-ish, something I will not go into as I don’t want to offend anyone. Anyhow, we were going to see his friend, Brice Bischoff. We walk into the gallery, and I notice a beautiful blown up photo on the wall, and thank god, it’s his friends work, and the image you see at the top.

Brice is from New Orleans, went to school at LSU and the Art Insititute and now lives and shoots here in Los Angeles. His work ranges all over the place, though I’d say a lot of it is quite minimal. Really beautiful stuff to check out.


Russia and Norway Through the Eyes of Corey Arnold

I’ve been really wanting to post about photographers lately, I feel as though there’s been a certain lack of photo posts. So I thought I’d start out by posting about one of my favorite photographers out there, Corey Arnold. Corey is famous for his photos at sea with the Deadliest Catch crew. His images are pretty spectacular and always feel so epic. Lately he’s been doing more commercial stuff, like his recent spread in Monocle magazine.

The photos above were taken in Russia and Norway, and I thought they had some really great colors and tones. Be sure to also give a peak at his blog, which is updated fairly regularly.


This Must Be The Place – Curated by Faesthetic Magazine

Next Saturday is the opening of a brand new show at the SCION Space in Culver City called This Must Be The Place. The show is being curated by Faesthetic Magazine, aka UPSO, aka Dustin Hostetler, and features the work of Gluekit, Matt Curry, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Skullphone, Damien Correll, Dan Funderburgh, Joel Speasmaker and Jemma Hostetler. The theme is based around the idea of home, and most of the works are presented in 2 colors, just like Faesthetic Magazine is.

I’m unbelievably stoked for this show, for many reasons. These are absolutely some of my favorite artists on the planet, and many of them happen to be my blog buddies, so it’ll be awesome to meet many of these folks.

The show opens Saturday, June 20th, so if you’re anywhere near LA you have to come see this show!


Scott K. McDonald

I came across the wonderful work of Scott K. McDonald and couldn’t stop pouring over it! He creates some of the best character illustrations that I’ve seen in a while. I also think it’s amazing how his style manages to differ greatly from each series he does. Then there’s his choice of colors, which are always really bold, but totally fit each project amazingly.

I could probably gush about him forever, but instead just check out his site and his Flickr, and you’ll definitely see what I mean!


Mylar Alphabet

Andy over at Reference Library posted these letter-shaped balloons on his Flickr and I thought there was something really amazing about them when you get to see them all together. It’s such an odd medium, and I’m sure the designer of these wasn’t thinking about creating an amazing font, which I think makes it better. Just kinda’ interesting.


Cooper Video Wall

I popped downtown tonight for the opening of Flux’s new video/art installation at the Cooper Design Space, and had a really great time. Flux, made up of Jonathan and Meg Wells (two of the nicest people on earth), were commissioned to create a video piece for the entrance lobby of the Cooper Design Space. So they gathered together a bunch of great artists and filmmakers like Michel Gondry, Shepard Fairey, Sage Vaughn, Koichiro Tsujikawa and a ton more to create some beautiful visuals.

The videos were great, and it was actually funny because most of the people were watching the pieces instead of talking to each other. I asked Meg for some details and she said the reel was about 3 to 4 hours long, and that the videos are randomized, so you shouldn’t see the same ones twice. They also have some more really great sounding plans for later this year, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!