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iPhone Galaga

After the art show last night I stopped by Rooster Fish for a drink, and lo and behold they had an old schol Galaga machine! Matt couldn’t resist playing and I couldn’t resist taking pictures. I just loved how all the light and color streaks came out in these, I thought they looked pretty neat. I know a lot of people hate the camera on the original and 3G iPhones, but I think there’s something charming about all of the noise and it’s lack of sophistication.

Also, did youknow that Galaga is 30 years old this year? Crazy, huh?


Geometry of Ruins

Last night I went out to Flux’s studio for their irregularly scheduled show at their workspace in Venice. The exhibit featured Andrezza Valentin and Guilherme Marcondes, a pair of artists from São Paulo, Brazil who collaborate frequently on a number of projects. They had some prints of photos up, modern day ruins surrounded by greenery and with some amazing circular light leaks on a couple of them. They had a video piece on the roof, which was a time lapse video of some ruins in a desert, but it was almost impossible to even tell that time was moving by, it was that subtle.

The final piece though was an clear box filled with these tiny video screens that displayed all kinds of random images, what you see in the photos above. The random assortment was really interesting and you couldn’t help but try and find more and more unique things popping up. Really great show, really great artists, really great time, as usual.

Geometry of Ruins is open till July 11 at Flux.
326 Sunset Ave. Venice
Wed-Sat 2-5pm (closed July 4)


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson

This week’s wallpaper is an absolute gem, I definitely should have released it yesterday. It’s by an artist that I discovered at New Image Art some time last year I think, who as soon as I saw their work I was completely blown away. His name is Cleon Peterson, a Los Angeles based painter who graduated from Art Center and is just amazing. Cleon uses a strict palette of neon pink, black and white, with the occasional splash of red. His style is intense and graphic, but it’s unlike anything else out there.

For his wallpaper he took a scan of one of his paintings for us. The scene is totally out of time and place, with people fighting, almost like a riot. I would love for someone with a cozy desk job to put this on their background and take a photo of their space, it would be amazing. I’ve also came up with three different iPhone versions, as I couldn’t decide which character to focus on. Enjoy the carnage.

Girl Talk Posters by Corinna Nicole Loo

I was browsing through Cargo Collective yesterday and I came across these great Girl Talk posters by UCLA student, Corinna Nicole Loo. Using a piece of cut acrylic as a stencil, she captured paint and soap suds and who knows what else underneath, creating these really random bursts of color. It’s these simple kinds of ideas that really stand out most to me. You don’t need a huge budget or a team of 100 people to create amazingly bold graphics.

Excellent work Ms. Loo, definitely repping LA well.


Wild Prayer by Nicholas Gottlund

This is a remnant from my photo kick yesterday… Nicholas Gottlund is a Philadelphia based photographer who’s releasing a newsprint format of his photos called Wild Prayer. Many of the photos come from his ongoing series White, which explores “the bleaching effects of light over time.” In his own words:

Wild Prayer uses this effect to relate to the experience of visual distortion and what happens to the senses when one rapidly accelerates or loses consciousness. Such a ‘whiteout’ effect is also used as a device to communicate the memory of a past event or place.

Really stunning images and I’m personally a big fan of printing on newsprint. There’s something so very tactile about the material, and it works so well with the effect he’s trying to get across.
You can pre-order if for $8 + shipping by clicking here.

Found through Reference Library


Hug Chair by Ana Kraš

My dining room chairs are horribly ugly. I have those kind of chairs that you see at a yard sale that totally look like they came from K-Mart in the early 90’s. Now seeing this beautiful Hug Chair, I realize how much I’m missing out. These chairs, designed by Ana Kraš, are two layers of birch and beech plywood mixed into one stunning shape. The combination of different colors and materials that you could create gives this chair such amazing possibilities.

I just wish these were for sale (and not for $1000 a piece, thanks).


Otokoyama Sake

University College Falmouth grafuate Jamie Conkleton created this beautiful set of sake above that I’m totally in love with. Created with a westen audience in mind, the bottles were meant ti simplify the process of picking a type of sake. This is most clearly illustrated through the bottle itself, as the pure sake gets an opaque bottle, the refined sake in a hazy bottle, and the ultra-refined in a completely clear one. Such a simple and great way to get a message across, and at the same time quite beautiful.

Found through The Dieline

Festo Bionic Creations

It’s amazing to think that one day humans may be overrun by killer robotic… penguins? The video above is a display video by the technology company Festo, who are creating some absolutely amazing technology. Basing their research around the penguin, they’ve created completely robotic penguins that can swim just like they’re bird counterparts, but that’s not all. They’ve also created dirigible like penguins that can fly around autonomously, as in they don’t need help and they won’t crash into each other.

The first part of the video is pretty much all you need to see, but there’s also a great part about an interactive wall that is pretty exciting as well.