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Beach Fossils

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Daydream by Beach Fossils

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Vacation by Beach Fossils

I came across the music of Beach Fossils, a one man band consisting of Dustin Payseur, which I’ve been listening to a lot lately. His music falls into that new surf, feedback slot that I really can’t describe very well. But it sounds really timeless, like something that might have been written 50 years ago. He seems to mainly be playing in New York, which is good if you live in New York, but he should totally be playing on the west coast so I can see him. There’s just something so dreamy and mellow about his music, especially his song Daydream, it’s been on repeat a lot for me.

Click here to visit his Myspace, you can hear another song by him and see where and when he’s playing.


Synesthesia by Terri Timely

Update: The previous video was deleted, but Ian uploaded a new one. Thanks Ian.

I get a lot of emails about work, sometimes rich and detailed descriptions, other times one liners… This is a story of the latter. It was from a guy named Ian, who made a new short film. As always I checked it out, thinking it might have been a school project or something. The film ends up being just short of brilliant, something I didn’t quite suspect.

As it turns out, Ian Kibbey made the film with his partner Corey Creasey, who are the duo behind Terri Timely. Together, Ian and Corey have directed music videos for music artists like St. Vincent (who’s new video for Actor Out of Work is brilliant), The Little Ones, Joanna Newsom and Midlake among others. To say these guys are talented would be an understatement.

So the video above is titled Synesthesia, which for those who haven’t heard of it is, “is a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.” For example you might smell a color, or hear a taste… it’s sensing something and processing it in an entirely different matter. So in the video above, we see a family go about their rather suburban lives, but experiencing things in a different way. The boy at the table is listening to his vegetables, the mother is chopping up words, possibly tasting what she’s reading, and the other son in the living room is smelling color from his music.

The idea is quite brilliant and is visualized as well as I think one could with such a complex topic. Sit back and enjoy this little visual treat. Also, for more about synesthesia, click here to read the Wikipedia page.


Emmanuel Polanco | Update

I posted about Emmanuel Polanco back in January, so I was pleased to see that he had updated his site with a ton of new work since then. His cut and paste style and wonderful grasp of color really make his work stand out, and his new stuff doesn’t cease to amaze.

The two images above are a couple of illustrations he did for Nuvo magazine. The first is about “Cycles” and the second is about music downloading. Such excellent work.



Hans Thiessen and Michael Mateyko are the two parts that make up the creative team of Komboh. These two work alone and together, but either way they’ve created some really great projects. One of my favorites I came across was this hand drawn typeface called Woodoni. I usually hate these kinds of woodsy/forest inspired fonts, but they definitely made this one look really great, there’s a nice nostalgic feel to it.


Free Font | Miso

I happened to come across another free font, Miso, the other day, so I thought I’d shoot it your way. It was created by Mårten Nettelbladt in 2006 and is available for private and commercial use. It’s quite a nice little font, tall, rounded and simple.

Click here to download it.


Better Bikeways Signage Project by Joseph Prichard

My friend Michael emailed me these great ideas for bikeway signage by Joseph Prichard, something that Los Angeles desperately needs. The bright purple signs come in four different categories: Navigation, Caution, Connections and Points of Interest. This is already a great starting point, as the signs will be informative to people on bikes and in cars.

For drivers it makes it clear that a certain stretch of road is a place that must be shared with bike riders. While for bike riders they will hopefully feel safer riding as an area has been precisely mapped out for them. I also like the idea of signs leading to bike shops and bike-friendly places to eat as well.

Click here for more images and info about this great idea.

Supreme MX Sunglasses

While it’s a gloomy day in Los Angeles today, most days it’s incredibly sunny, and I personally can’t leave the house without my sunglasses. So when I spotted these new MX Sunglasses by Supreme, I thought it might be time for a change. I’ve been wanting a pair of tortoise framed glasses for a while now, and I think this is just the right blend of new and old. I love that they went with a little star to put on the ends of the glasses, it’s interesting what brands decide to do with that space. I think the red ones would be a perfect pair of summer glasses for a woman looking to make a bold and classy statement as well.

Not sure how much these are going to be, but Supreme is pretty reasonably priced, so it hopefully won’t be too bad.

Found through SwipeLife


Box Light by Jonas Hakaniemi

I spotted this Box Light in the newest issue of Dwell and I thought it was quite a clever idea. Late at night my desk lamp can start to bother me, but I don’t exactly want to sit in the dark. With the Box Light, you simply slide out the light as far as you need it to be, giving yourself and optimal amount of light. The light was designed by Jonas Hakaniemi, though I could see a brand like Muji selling something like this.