Trailer for Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Ponyo’

There have been a lot of great movies that have come out this year so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. But I think I may just be most excited to Ponyo on a Cliff, or just Ponyo here in the States. Ponyo is the most recent movie that has sprung from the creative mind of Hayao Miyazaki, one of my absolute favorite directors. Miyazaki is kind of like the modern day Walt Disney, creating amazing animated films that engage children and adults alike. My favorite film of his is Spirited Away, a tale of a girl who gets separated from her parents and gets stuck in a magical land where she has to work in a bath house for the gods. If you haven’t seen it yet I suggest you do so, quickly.

Ponyo is based off the Hans-Christian Andersen book, The Little Mermaid, though I’m not sure to what degree, as I really don’t want to know too much about the movie. What I do know is that the film, as eveidenced by the trailer above, looks stunning, and the voice actors they got to be a part of it are top notch as usual.

I’ve taken a ton of screen captures and put them under the cut, as so many of these frames are works of art in and of themselves.


June 24, 2009