The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Emily Eldridge (1/2)

Emily Eldridge

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Well whaddya’ know, it’s Wednesday already. This week’s artist is the fantastic Emily Eldridge, an artist and illustrator who’s currently living in Hong Kong. I think Emily may just be the first Hong Kong based artist to created a desktop wallpaper! Anyhow I fell in love with her style, her line work is really playful and she has a great sense of shape and color. Everything she does just evokes this really great positivity, something I absolutely agree with.

Emily was kind enough to give away two wallpapers this week, each of them being inspired by the city of Hong Kong. The first was her “interpretation of a vintage-y junk shop with random old electronics for sale”, which she also says she loves to explore and look around in. The second desktop was inspired be her morning commute, which she says there are, “a million people everywhere all the time – always jostling for space, moving quickly, and trying to walk in a straight line (impossible!) and of course, Mr. Fox is in the background, chilling & grabbing some wonton on the go!”

I love love love these, they feel like summer to me.

June 24, 2009