HunterGatherer Interview by Arkitip

I’ve been a fan of HunterGatherer for I don’t know how long now, probably 8 or 9 years. So it’s so awesome to see Arkitip doing an issue featuring HuGa and the two amazing designers behind it, Todd St. John and Gary Benzel. Arkitip and Incase yet again bust out another great mini-interview with these guys, giving some insight into their work and showing a ton of their projects.

I love that these guys are so hands on, it makes me feel like I need to get off my damn computer and start picking up paints and pencils. The thing about these two is that they’re so talented that they make it look easy. Anyhow, check out the video and learn how to be an amazing artist.

Also, be sure to check out the classic HuGa wood grain printed Incase Slider Case and the sweet Laptop Sleeve. These are soooo damn good looking.


June 23, 2009