Geometry of Ruins

Last night I went out to Flux’s studio for their irregularly scheduled show at their workspace in Venice. The exhibit featured Andrezza Valentin and Guilherme Marcondes, a pair of artists from São Paulo, Brazil who collaborate frequently on a number of projects. They had some prints of photos up, modern day ruins surrounded by greenery and with some amazing circular light leaks on a couple of them. They had a video piece on the roof, which was a time lapse video of some ruins in a desert, but it was almost impossible to even tell that time was moving by, it was that subtle.

The final piece though was an clear box filled with these tiny video screens that displayed all kinds of random images, what you see in the photos above. The random assortment was really interesting and you couldn’t help but try and find more and more unique things popping up. Really great show, really great artists, really great time, as usual.

Geometry of Ruins is open till July 11 at Flux.
326 Sunset Ave. Venice
Wed-Sat 2-5pm (closed July 4)


June 19, 2009