Wild Prayer by Nicholas Gottlund

This is a remnant from my photo kick yesterday… Nicholas Gottlund is a Philadelphia based photographer who’s releasing a newsprint format of his photos called Wild Prayer. Many of the photos come from his ongoing series White, which explores “the bleaching effects of light over time.” In his own words:

Wild Prayer uses this effect to relate to the experience of visual distortion and what happens to the senses when one rapidly accelerates or loses consciousness. Such a ‘whiteout’ effect is also used as a device to communicate the memory of a past event or place.

Really stunning images and I’m personally a big fan of printing on newsprint. There’s something so very tactile about the material, and it works so well with the effect he’s trying to get across.
You can pre-order if for $8 + shipping by clicking here.

Found through Reference Library


June 14, 2009