This Must Be The Place – Curated by Faesthetic Magazine

Next Saturday is the opening of a brand new show at the SCION Space in Culver City called This Must Be The Place. The show is being curated by Faesthetic Magazine, aka UPSO, aka Dustin Hostetler, and features the work of Gluekit, Matt Curry, Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch, Skullphone, Damien Correll, Dan Funderburgh, Joel Speasmaker and Jemma Hostetler. The theme is based around the idea of home, and most of the works are presented in 2 colors, just like Faesthetic Magazine is.

I’m unbelievably stoked for this show, for many reasons. These are absolutely some of my favorite artists on the planet, and many of them happen to be my blog buddies, so it’ll be awesome to meet many of these folks.

The show opens Saturday, June 20th, so if you’re anywhere near LA you have to come see this show!


June 12, 2009