Cooper Video Wall

I popped downtown tonight for the opening of Flux’s new video/art installation at the Cooper Design Space, and had a really great time. Flux, made up of Jonathan and Meg Wells (two of the nicest people on earth), were commissioned to create a video piece for the entrance lobby of the Cooper Design Space. So they gathered together a bunch of great artists and filmmakers like Michel Gondry, Shepard Fairey, Sage Vaughn, Koichiro Tsujikawa and a ton more to create some beautiful visuals.

The videos were great, and it was actually funny because most of the people were watching the pieces instead of talking to each other. I asked Meg for some details and she said the reel was about 3 to 4 hours long, and that the videos are randomized, so you shouldn’t see the same ones twice. They also have some more really great sounding plans for later this year, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!


June 11, 2009