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Paintings by Alex Lucas

The last time I posted about Alex Lukas was over a year ago was about his two-color comic book/typography poster that I was lusting over. Cut to his current work which is now even more incredible, especially his flood series, which is what I’m calling them. He’s created these incredibly detailed paintings of cities almost completely covered in water. I’m not really sure how he does it, but the effect is amazing and totally epic.

Click here to see all of his amazing work.

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Jamie Chung

Some days I want to be a photographer so badly. It seems like it would be such a great job to have, trying to create capture just the right moment or tell a story with a single image.

People like Jamie Chung are exactly like that, who have an immense creative vision that they convey through photography. Jamie graduated from Parsons in 2007 and since then he’s obviously been keeping busy. He’s represented by one of the best photo agencies in the States and has two portfolios of really amazing work online, as well seven other projects.


The Horrors Photos by Marvin Scott Jarrett

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Who Can Say by The Horrors

I grabbed the most recent issue of Nylon Guys yesterday and to my surprise The Horrors were gracing the cover. I’m not sure how many of you remember their last big single, Sheena Is A Parasite, but the video featured Samantha Morton turning into a crazy looking blast of guts and octopi thanks to the wonderful direction of Chris Cunningham. Other then that though, I hadn’t heard much more than that.

Then they release their new album Primary Colours, and I was totally impressed with it. That’s not really the point of this, I was really excited by the photos by Marvin Scott Jarrett. These portraits are really nice and moody with a great blend of colors. I also thing Nylon did a great job of laying out the text in that story as well. Pick up the new issue and check out the rest of the photos.


Locali’s Bicycle Treats

While taking a break earlier today with my friend Frank at Intelligentsia, along came the Locali bicycle treat vendor, something I’ve been looking forward to for a couple of weeks now. Locali is kind of an organic, healthy convenience store that opened up down the street from a few months ago. They carry things like sandwiches and salads as well as different kinds of daily specials. Their drink selection is pretty diverse as well with fair trade coffees, flavored teas, ginger slushies, organic wines, beers and sake, as well as a ton of other things. This place is pretty legit.

Well they also have this great mobile version of the store which sells these really great ice creams and frozen treats. Seeing as how I’d been sitting out in the sun for the last couple of hours, this was the perfect solution. Frank and I decided to go with local sweets maker Bittersweet Treat’s ice cream sandwiches. I went with the the dark chocolate wafers with coffee ice cream in the middle, while Frank chose the oatmeal cookies with salted caramel ice cream. His, sadly, was way better than mine, not that mine was bad in anyway at all.


‘Wildcat’ by The Rosebuds

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Wildcat by The Rosebuds

Last night I posted a song that got stuck in my head, so I thought I’d try it again tonight. I randomly started listening to The Rosebuds again, specifically their first album, Birds Make Good Neighbors. They’re big single off of this album was Blue Bird, but I got hooked on Wildcat, a somber little number about a boy falling in love with a girl and wanting her to run away with him. She tells him she can’t, that bad things will happen if she leaves, especially for her little sister. But he tries not to worry about her, because he knows that she’s strong and she can take care of herself.

I love the keyboard in this song, the subtle drum beat and the gentle strum on the guitar. It all comes together so nicely, especially with Kelly Crisp’s voice, which makes me melt. Yet again, listen on repeat and enjoy.


P.S. I made the image above from several different photos of cats falling, found in the Life Photo Archive. The font is Bebas, a freebie you can find here.

Video Interview with Stephen Eichhorn

Kitsune Noir reader Jessica Paulson sent me a link earlier today to an interview with Chicago-based collage maker, Stephen Eichhorn. He studied drawing and sculpture, but now makes these really incredible collages out of plants and flowers, combining these cut outs to make these really simple and elegant pieces of art. I always love hearing about people’s method of working and this is a really nice glimpse into Stephen’s head.


P.S. I love when he uses the word ‘detritus‘, it’s such a great word.

No Future Companion by KAWS and Hajime Sorayama

Oh holy crap. This is by far one of the most amazing “toys” I think I’ve ever seen. Vinyl toy/graffiti genius/focus of Japanese accolade KAWS has teamed up with legendary Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama to create the amazing No Future Companion you see above. The figure was based on Soriyama’s painting he did back in 2006, and as you can see they did an amazing job. The whole thing is made out of metal, and features articulation and ton of little details.

But of course, in typical KAWS fashion, the figure is $980. That’s more than my rent. Nonetheless, if I had money to burn I’d buy this puppy in a heartbeat. Check out a ton more photos and detail shots under the cut. Such a beauty.

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Ghost shrimp are these tiny little transparent shrimps that are supposed to be good at keeping fish tanks clean. These guys are totally unrelated to Dan James, who also happens to work under the moniker, GHOSTSHRIMP. Dan is a 28 year old illustrator who’s worked for companies like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, as well as doing a ton of band illustartions and worked for the New York Times as well.

It’s hard to sum up what Dan’s work is like, though I want to say weird and slight effed up. I mean those descriptions as a complete compliment. I love people who can draw weird shit and make it look brilliant. His style also looks slightly inspired by wood block printing, which is kind of interesting as well. Definitely have a looksie at his portfolios, he’s got a ton of great work to check out.