Flux Screening Series: Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!

Tonight at the Hammer Museum my awesome friends over at Flux will be having another screening, this time dedicated to the art of film titles. The event is called Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!, and features the work of Jamie Caliri, Kyle Cooper, Karin Fong, Danny Yount and Garson Yu, all accomplished movie title designers. Their work has been seen in movies like Se7en, Spider-Man, Terminator Salvation, 300, Iron Man, Rocknrolla and a bunch more.

They’ll be talking about their creative process and even show some work that’s never been seen before. I think it’s going to be a really fun night, as Flux always puts on great programming. It’s also free, though they suggest that you RSVP, which you can do by clicking here.


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Hold On by AsDSSka

I got an email this morning from Family, one of the best indie book/record/zine shop in Los Angeles, saying that they were having a release party for AsDSSka’s new record, 25. AsDSSKa is made up of Aska Matsumiya and David Scott Stone, together making this really dreamy and ambient kind of music, with Matsumiya gently singing over the top.

The video above is for the song Hold On, and it was directed by Spike Jonze and Crystal Moselle. I think it’s a lovely video, lots of small moments being captured that go really well with the dream-like vibe of the song.


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Gregory Crewdson

I was thinking about Yo La Tengo’s album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out over the weekend, and remembering how awesome the album artwork was. I decided to look it up and see who the guy was, and it turns out it was Gregory Crewdson. Crewdson is a New York photographer who takes these amazingly surreal, production-heavy photos that evoke this really surreal and almost creepy feeling to them. The way he lights is photos is crazy, almost like a movie would be set up.

Check under the cut for a video of him talking about his process as well as a behind the scenes of a shoot he did.

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Mark Weaver

I’ve really been enjoying Mark Weaver’s colorful collages, the pieces above being from his Make Something Cool Everyday set on his Flickr. I love the bold text over the images, as well as the overlay of other random shapes and the great choices of color. Lots of great work to be seen.


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Ian Wright

I think everyone likes badges (or buttons, whichever you call them), but Ian Wright likes them to the point of making fine art out of them. Ian makes a lot of pixel-based artwork, or art that resembles pixels but are actually made from all kinds of different materials.

The piece above, aptly title Mao, is made up of 1 inch badges covered in Chinese silk. Rad, huh?

Found through It’s Nice That


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Reading Rec’s // Hitoshi Abe and Morphosis: Buildings & Projects Volume V

I was browsing through Hennessy & Ingalls last week when I started flipping through two really great new architecture books. The first is Hitoshi Abe, which actually came out last fall, but features a ton of Abe’s environmental and architectural work. I’m kind of in love with all of his clean lines and minimalism. The guy just has this amazing sense of space that I’m totally in awe of.

The second book is Morphosis: Buildings & Projects Volume V, a compendum of projects from 2004 to the present, and even some projects that are currently in the works. Morphosis consistently pushes the envelope on their projects, injecting a freshness into the landscape of “starchitects” that tend to get all the hype.

Both are visionaries, and you should definitely check these books out for some serious inspiration.


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Reasons Start To Fade

I found this fading message on the sidewalk as I was walking to my meetin earlier tonight and thought it was quite poignant. Not really sure what it was written in, but I definitely liked it and thought I’d share it.


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Library Chair by Misawa Naoya

I’m kind of madly in love with these chairs designed by Misawa Naoya. They’re called Library, and are made of beechwood with 4 different color choices. I’m quite fond of the sea breeze and yolk colors (ok, I might have made those names up, but couldn’t you see them being called that?).
Sadly, I think these chairs aren’t for sale, they were a special project done by Misawa.

Found through Spoon & Tamago


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