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I Am Mint Condition

I’ve been enjoying more random and chaotic seeming images lately, one of my recent favorites is the work of Mint Condition, aka Travis Stearns. I posted about Hannah, a font he created, back in January, but I didn’t realize it until now. Going through all of his work, especially everything on his Flickr, I feel really inspired and want to try my hand at doing something like he does.

He seems to have this really great grasp on making order out of chaos. There’s a lot going on in his work, but it all seems to balance and feel really natural. Really good stuff.


Louise Fili Ltd.

Continuing the theme of restaurant logo design, I had to post about Louise Fili. Lousie’s work is amazing, ranging from packaging design to logos and branding, always done impeccably and quite creatively. I knew her from the redesign she did for Good Housekeeping, making the aged symbol of quality into something timeless.

The images above are from the redesign she did for Bedford Post, a café, restaurant and inn located in Bedford, New York. The main logo is the postage stamp above, which features a portrait of the owners grandfather. I love the sense of age this brings to the place, and makes it feel like it’s been around for hundreds of years. If you’d like to read more about her design for Bedford Post, click here.


Alvin Diec

I’m absolutely loving the brilliant design and branding work of Alvin Diec, an Atlanta, Georgia based designer. Alvin has created posters for bands like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and the French Kicks, but I’m really enjoying his logos. The top and middle images are some branding he did for Cakes & Ale, which has this great old-timey feel. The bottom image were some ideas he had come up with for a restaurant called The Bucaneer. They didn’t end up using these, but I had to post them because I love the skull and cross bones made up of a fork and knife.

Be sure to check out the rest of his work as well, he has quite a full portfolio of fun things.


I Love Typography Video

Good morning, everybody. I thought I’d start out the morning with a pretty little video that was sent to me by +KN reader Raeesa. Her friend ZZZZTRN created it with a bunch of awesome colored liquids and then set some type over the top of it. Very simple but there’s something so enticing by it as well. The colors are absolutely beautiful, those reds and blues are gorgeous together. Also, the song is by Mum, just for those of you wondering.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Deke Smith

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Deke Smith

Deke Smith

This week’s artist is the wonderfully talented, Deke Smith, an illustrator who lives and works in Vermont. I wasn’t quite sure about letting Deke do a wallpaper, but then I saw his drawing of 2Pac riding a unicorn… I mean, how could I say not this guy?! Seriously, Deke has a really great style, and always comes up with really fun characters.

For his wallpaper he went with a kind of fusion of styles, a collage of random people with a bunch of his drawings mixed in there. My favorite guy is the pyramid with the eyeball, mostly because I have something similar tattooed on my arm (I am not a Mason, thank you very much).

Christopher Lamarca

I received an email from +KN reader Jon Setzen last week telling me about a new site he created for a client, a photographer named Christopher Lamarca. He told me that the site is pretty simple, it’s really meant to just showcase the photos, but I HAD to look at the photos. Curious, I checked them out… and was absolutely blown away.

Mr. Lamarca has an absolutely uncanny eye for taking photos, making images that are almost magical. His Forest Defenders series is beautiful, featuring people from both sides of the issues, the loggers and the people desperate to stop them. As you can see in the images above, the guy is incredible.

Be sure to check out everything on his site, it’s not to be missed.


Lauren Gregg

I’m madly and deeply in love with these nerd prints by Lauren Gregg, featuring cute little animals as a bunch of different kinds of nerds. I think she did a good job of covering all the bases of nerd-dom, including Trekkies, band nerds, D&D fans, skate nerds and a bunch more. Of course my favorite is the band nerd because he’s a foxy, but they’re all really well done, I’m especially in love with the colors.

Pick yourself up one here for $35.


KN Work // Skingraft Redesign and Live Improve Movie Project Poster

Since I’m starting to do more freelance work I thought I’d start posting more of the projects I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. The first was a logo redesign for my friends fashion label, Skingraft, a brand that makes contemporary feeling clothes that are Victorian-era inspired, and they also create a lot of leather pieces as well.

The name alone connotates some not so cute imagery, so I went with a really simple but unique font that would contrast well with their harder edged look. They were also looking for some sort of crest or mark as well, so we took inspiration from all of the mounts on the walls of their studio and created a stylized ‘S’ inside of a mount. It’s a bit gothic, a bit old fashioned, and definitely bold.

The poster above was created for the Live Improv Movie Project, a project my friend Ari is a part of. Basically, the old poster was desperate for an update, so I decided to go with an old fashioned, sort of 70’s French cinema feel, or at least that was my inspiration. I figured simple and bold was the best way to go, I figured I’d stop and look to see what this poster was about.

I’ll try to post updates more frequently if you guys are interested.