Odell Brewing TwitterBrew Tap Design Contest

Odell Brewing, a craft brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado that was started in 1989, is having a competition right now on Twitter for people to decide the tap design for their next beer, Blackbird. It just so happens that my friends over at Tenfold Collective have decided to join the competition, creating a tap design that is absolutely gorgeous. Despite the fact that I e-know them, their design is hands down the best. I love the subtle use of orange and the way the word ‘tweet’ pushes into the frame, subtly referencing Twitter. I also suggest you check out the other designs, and you’ll clearly see how amazing of a job they did.

But in order for them to win, they need votes. Under the cut I’ve placed a poll where you can vote for them, they’re letter J. I also want to mention that they in no way have asked me to do this, I simply believe in supporting nice, creative people, and I hope you will to.


May 27, 2009