Reading Rec’s // Hitoshi Abe and Morphosis: Buildings & Projects Volume V

I was browsing through Hennessy & Ingalls last week when I started flipping through two really great new architecture books. The first is Hitoshi Abe, which actually came out last fall, but features a ton of Abe’s environmental and architectural work. I’m kind of in love with all of his clean lines and minimalism. The guy just has this amazing sense of space that I’m totally in awe of.

The second book is Morphosis: Buildings & Projects Volume V, a compendum of projects from 2004 to the present, and even some projects that are currently in the works. Morphosis consistently pushes the envelope on their projects, injecting a freshness into the landscape of “starchitects” that tend to get all the hype.

Both are visionaries, and you should definitely check these books out for some serious inspiration.


May 13, 2009