District 9 Trailer

I posted about director Neil Blomkamp’s amazing film Alive in Joburg at the end of of 2007, and since then the man has only blown up from there. He’s directed commercials for Nike and Adidas, and most recently been “adopted” by Peter Jackson, even given the nod to direct a movie based on the video game Halo. Sadly, the Halo film is still a mess, but until that time we have District 9 to hold us over.

District 9 is based off the previously mentioned Alive in Joburg, but this time it’s being given the full WETA treatment thanks to Pete Jackson. The movie is about a race of aliens that get stranded on earth, and begin settling in Johannesburg, South Africa. The movie explores the relationship between these alien refugees and how we deal with these “non-humans”.

The version above is the “uncensored” version because you can see the aliens face and hear what he’s saying. In the theatrical version it’s face is pixelated and there are no subtitles. Soooooo stoked for this.


May 7, 2009