The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ana Benaroya

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ana Benaroya

Ana Benaroya

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of wallpapers for the last two weeks. I still have a ton of wallpapers to give away, in fact I’m going to have an ultra-crazy project coming up hopefully, so keep your eyes peeled for that. This weeks DWP artist is the lovely Ana Benaroya, a Baltimore artist who’s work is totally cheeky and fun. She has this really great European kind of style to her line work, and her color choices are always really loud but totally work. If you haven’t seen her work before you should definitely check it out.

I figured today was a good day to post her wallpaper because of how hot it is here in Los Angeles, so lots of buff dudes in speedos seem fitting. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this, and my favorite parts are the guy with the eyes and lips on his ass, and the pink guy with his long ponytail. So awesome.

I also just wanted to point out that I didn’t create a 1024 x768 or a 1280 x 1024 because I didn’t want to crop into her work. You can still download these other sizes though and your computer will figure it out.

May 6, 2009