‘Hey Sandy’ by Tera Melos

I went and had tacos with some friends tonight, and for some reason, I got the theme song to Pete & Pete stuck in my head. Cut to me getting home and talking to my roommate who told me that our other best friend from high school’s band had done an amazing cover of the song.

Their name is Tera Melos, and I’m guessing some of you have probably heard of them. My best friend Nick is their lead singer, and my buddy Nate is the bass player. They just recently completed a “cover” of sorts, which takes the Pete & Pete intro, and adds a bit of the Beach Boys’ God Only Knows, turning it into one killer song. They also recreated the video near perfectly, and if you watch the original Pete & Pete trailer and this, you’ll see what I mean. Good work, gentleman.

If you enjoy this, check out more of their music by clicking here.


May 4, 2009