‘For Young Japanese, It’s Back to the Farm’ by Hiroko Tabuchi

'For Young Japanese, It's Back to the Farm' by Hiroko Tabuchi

For Young Japanese, It’s Back to the Farm
by Hiroko Tabuchi

The NY Times had a really great story a few weeks back about Japan’s new Rural Labor Squad, a program that gets young, underemployed Japanese to work on farms. The idea works in two ways. The first is that it gives young people who are having problems finding a solid job a chance to learn new skills, something they can possibly use in the future. The other part is that Japan’s rural work force is getting older, and they don’t always have the money to hire new people.

While the program isn’t perfect, it’s not going to solve their unemployment problem, it does bring up some interesting ideas. President Obama has recently been calling people to service, to help out in their communities and the such. Well what if more communities started creating farms? Imagine people learning how to grow their own foods, maintain crops, take care of livestock.

Personally I think this is an amazing idea, and I wish I had a place to participate in something like this. It would be even better if it were in the city limits, like the lot where the recently out of business Circuit City is on Sunset. Does anyone else think this would be really fun to try?

May 2, 2009