Date Archives April 2009

Machine Project’s Indoor Forest

Talk about a transformation! Check out Machine Project’s epic remodel, turning their average looking space into a beautiful glen filled with trees and bushes. This ambitious project was undertaken by Christy McCaffrey and Sara Newey who should be given some kind of award.

If you’re in LA go check out the new space, it’s only up until the 24th. I’ll hopefully be visiting it soon. Click here for to see more photos as well as the space being constructed.


The Awesome Little SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye Camera

I love taking photos, though I haven’t in quite a while, but I came across this little guy called a SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye, and I think I’m in love. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand, so it’s portable, shoots 110 film and has a fisheye lens, so everything should look great as well. It’s also only $38.00, so it won’t break the bank either. I want one so bad!

Yoinked from Selectism


China Ink Drawings by Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos, whom you might remember from his wallpaper, is starting to blow up in a big way. Some of you may have seen his collaboration with LeSportsac, or maybe you saw his work animated on YoGabbaGabba! (how awesome is that Clientele song, btw?). But I’m really in love with these China ink drawings he did. They look like old Victorian era drawings, but with a playful, childlike twist.

You can pick up a colored version of a print like this over at Wilkintie for $80.