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The Honda Ruckus, My Dream Ride

Nearly two years ago I posted about the Honda Zoomer, or Rucks here in America,which is a medium sized scooter that gets crazy good mileage, and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I keep finding new images of them, and seeing them on the roads, and I want one really badly.

They’re not very expensive either, starting at $2,500, and would be amazing to ride, especially here in Los Angeles, where it’s nice 75% of the year. The Ruckus above I found on the ZoomerBoys blog, and I would buy it in a heartbeat, it’s basically the most perfect bike ever.

If anyone from Honda wants to go ahead and give me a ride one of these, or you know, give me one, I’ll be happy to shill for you. Visit Honda’s official Ruckus site for the details.


The New Grey Gardens

I first saw Grey Gardens based on a recommendation from an old friend of mine, who was absolutely in love with it. He was going to NYU for film at the time and had impeccable taste anyways, so I had to see it. The film definitely stuck with me, as Edie and Little Edie are two of the most amazing “characters” ever, and the Maysles did an amazing job of portraying this once beautiful women living in a run down mansion.

Well now Drew Barrymore and HBO are creating a film based upon the lives of the Bouviers, profiling they’re rise and fall. Drew Barrymore plays Little Edie while Jessica Lange plays older Edie. Overall I think it looks great, and Drew Barrymore looks and sounds pretty spot on, so I’m pretty excited. What do you think?

The HBO version comes out on April 19th, and you can read more about it by clicking here.


Monocle Shop Opening in Brentwood

Last night I had the opportunity to check out the opening of the new Monocle shop in Brentwood. As many of you previously read, I wasn’t so thrilled with their choice of location, seeing as how Brentwood is somewhat on the outskirts of the city.

I arrived around 6 PM and the place was already bustling, elegant looking people walking around, champagne glasses in hand, talking and having a wonderful time. The shop itself was quite modest, it couldn’t be more than 100 sq. ft., but was filled with all kinds of Monocle goodies. The space looked a bit like a study in a modern home, very warm and inviting and smelled woodsy. Overall, it’s a darling little space, tucked into a charming walk through market that features a candy shop and a James Perse store, among others.

Talking to Tyler Brule, he was quite open with the fact that the shop isn’t trying to be hip or cool, “as Monocle already is”, he said, but that it’s meant to introduce the magazine to people who don’t know about it. The other reason is that the Brentwood area is a more affluent neighborhood, willing to spend money on higher end products like their Porter bags or $85 candles. I had imagined that this was part of the reason why it was put there, and was rather satisfied with his candidness about it. It’s merely, business.

Tyler was a very gracious host as well, introducing himself to everyone and even saying goodnight to us as we left, and his staff was extremely nice as well. A couple of them knew me as basically “the guy who thought Monocle was dumb for opening a store in Brentwood”, but they were quite funny about it and realized I didn’t mean any harm in it.

I also got to hang out with Jean Aw from NOTCOT, Ryan Willms from h(y)r collective, Tasha Nita Adams from Blackburn and Sweetzer, and Julie Rasmussen and Kemp Powers from LAist. It’s always fun to run into fellow bloggers, especially when you get champagne for dinner.

If you happen to be near Brentwood, definitely take a pop over to the store, I highly recommend it.


P.S. I stole the top image from Ryan at h(y)r collective, thanks Ryan! Here’s his post of the event as well.

Super ‘Ciccio’ Tortoise Glasses

I’ve been wanting some new sunglasses lately, something with a tortoise frame, and I think I found the perfect pair. These Cicio tortoise shell glasses by Super are almost perfect, with a big bold shape and a modest price tag, only $130. Now I just need to find these with colored lenses and they’ll be perfect!

You can get them soon over at Goodhood.

Found through tomburkulosis


More Images from Where The Wild Things Are

USATODAY recently released some more new photos from Where The Wild Things Are film, which just makes me even more rabid to see it. It says the official release date is now October 16th which is so far away. Also, does anyone think it’s rad that the kid who plays Max is named Max Records? How do people get these awesome names?!

Check under the cut for even more images.

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Joris Maltha and Daniel Gross are a duo of designers that make up Catalogtree, a company which likes to highlight information about life that would probably otherwise go unseen. Through their designs they visually represent odd facts like the largest urban areas by population or the top 1000 frequently occurring American surnames split in the six most common population groups.

Last year they did the two visualizations above for SEED Magazine, featuring the amount of parking tickets incurred by foreign diplomats and an idea for a genetic profile card using chromosomal positions. Really neat stuff, be sure to click here for more info.


When I Grow Up by Fever Ray, Directed by Martin de Thurah

I’ve been in love with the new video for the song When I Grow Up by Fever Ray for the past week now, it’s so spooky and awesome. The video was directed by the amazing Martin de Thurah and has Karin Dreijer Andersson all dressed up in some kind of Nordic shaman garb, chanting and dancing around a suburban pool. Her magical powers start to kick in and the water starts going crazy, bubbling and lighting up.

The video kind of reminds of a Miyazaki film, where something normal is made somewhat magical. Martin de Thurrah definitely killed it again.

Found through shape+colour


A Marvelous Work

Last weekend I was having lunch and I came across this odd little book. It was sitting in the bookcase behind where I was sitting, and for some reason it grabbed my eye. I pulled it down and it had this amazing cover! The book is called A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, and surprisingly enough (or maybe not) it’s a Mormon-y bible-y kinda book.

While I wasn’t particularly interested in the inside of the book, the cover is so awesome. Anyone know what the name of the font on the cover is? I feel like I should know this but I don’t…

UPDATE: It’s Bookman Swash, thanks to everyone for letting me know.


Monika Bielskyte

Monika Bielskyte is a Lithuanian photographer now living in Paris who takes some really creepy photos. The photos above are from a series called COMINGGOINGSEATCHINGLEAVING and I love the really muted colors they had. The rest of her photos are pretty creepy, but there’s something very simple and beautiful about them.