Matt and Kim’s ‘Lessons Learned’ Video

I got an email earlier today from a guy named Taylor about the new Matt & Kim video for the song Lessons Learned. I checked out the video, not really sure what to think cuz’ I still hadn’t heard their new album, Grand. As it turns out, both the song and the video are absolutely killer.

The video features Matt & Kim slowly stripping out of their clothes, eventually ending up buck naked through the streets of New York, in front of the MTV studios to be specific. I talked to the director of the video, who just happened to be the fellow who emailed me, and he said the whole thing was totally real. They were really naked, there were really cops there, only one part at the end might not be, haha…

Check it out, and be sure to check out Matt & Kim’s new album Grand as well.


April 21, 2009