Ace Hotel x Generic Surplus x Arkitip Shoes & Tote

Combine three amazing brands, Ace Hotel, Generic Surplus and Arkitip, and what do you get? A sweet pair of shoes and a cute tote bag. The brands decided to work together on creating a shoe that captures “the essence of Palm Springs and the eclectic style of the (Ace) hotel grounds.”

What they came up with was a shoe that has a cotton mesh upper that is breathable, quick drying and non-slip for wearing around the pool. The soles and toe cap are rubber, and on the back there’s a little army green heel pull. They also created a fun little tote as well, which is made of the same material as the cotton uppers of the show.

I think these shoes are so rad looking, they honestly look like prfect little summer shoes. Plus if they’re being made by Generic Surplus, the offshoot of Generic Man, they’re probably going to be damn comfy. The shoes are only $85, and you can preorder a pair from Arkitip by clicking here.


April 15, 2009