Gama-Go Store Opens in SF!

I got an email from Greg over at Gama-Go last night telling me that they just opened their first flagship store in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco. The shop used to be home to a flooring company, but when the space opened up Gama-Go decided to move in. As Greg says, “We’ve always really liked the SOMA neighborhood & wanted to offer something that you couldn’t really find around here – namely a clothing and gift store!”

I asked Greg if they had and plans to open any stores in the future, and he said, “We’re definitely interested in opening other stores. This first one is great for helping us visualize what we want our stores to look like & what sort of experience we want to offer our customers. We have a strong relationship with LA and of course we love NYC and Chicago. I can also see us opening stores in the Northwest & perhaps overseas. Anyways, that’s all down the road a bit. Right now we’re excited to be giving our home town some love.”

The shop is located at 335 8th St. at Folsom, so if you live in SF or happen to be visiting, definitely go by the shop and say hi. They’re also having an opening party on May 2nd, so go have some beers on Gama-Go!


April 14, 2009