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Matt and Kim’s ‘Lessons Learned’ Video

I got an email earlier today from a guy named Taylor about the new Matt & Kim video for the song Lessons Learned. I checked out the video, not really sure what to think cuz’ I still hadn’t heard their new album, Grand. As it turns out, both the song and the video are absolutely killer.

The video features Matt & Kim slowly stripping out of their clothes, eventually ending up buck naked through the streets of New York, in front of the MTV studios to be specific. I talked to the director of the video, who just happened to be the fellow who emailed me, and he said the whole thing was totally real. They were really naked, there were really cops there, only one part at the end might not be, haha…

Check it out, and be sure to check out Matt & Kim’s new album Grand as well.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Marco Zamora

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Marco Zamora

Marco Zamora

Hey it’s Thursday already, so I’m a day behind, but I think you’ll all enjoy this week’s wallpaper a lot. It was created by Marco Zamora who’s a fellow Los Angeles resident, and a rather nice guy to boot. I posted about one of his prints a little while back and was fortunate to meet him at an art show as well. His use of black and white is really nice and his line work is very interesting as well.

His contribution to the DWP is really rad, and I’m hoping a lot of you bike riding kids enjoy it. It’s rad how he incorporates the city on the back of the guy, it’s kind of subtle but and doesn’t pop out at you right away. And that splash of red really makes the whole thing pop.

Ace Hotel x Generic Surplus x Arkitip Shoes & Tote

Combine three amazing brands, Ace Hotel, Generic Surplus and Arkitip, and what do you get? A sweet pair of shoes and a cute tote bag. The brands decided to work together on creating a shoe that captures “the essence of Palm Springs and the eclectic style of the (Ace) hotel grounds.”

What they came up with was a shoe that has a cotton mesh upper that is breathable, quick drying and non-slip for wearing around the pool. The soles and toe cap are rubber, and on the back there’s a little army green heel pull. They also created a fun little tote as well, which is made of the same material as the cotton uppers of the show.

I think these shoes are so rad looking, they honestly look like prfect little summer shoes. Plus if they’re being made by Generic Surplus, the offshoot of Generic Man, they’re probably going to be damn comfy. The shoes are only $85, and you can preorder a pair from Arkitip by clicking here.


New Commercial for Flora by Gucci by Chris Cunningham

Holy crap, today is such a good day for posts! Check out this amazingly beautiful commercial for Flora by Gucci by the amazing Chris Cunningham. The commercial is a lot lighter in tone than most of Chris’ work, but it’s still just as exciting and brilliantly creative. The commercial was shot over four days in Latvia last year, and used over 20,000 fake flowers.

I just can’t get enough of this video, like my mouth was open the whole time. I really wish he’d make a full length feature. It would probably cost $100 million to make and you may vomit or seizure while you watched it, but shit it would be great.

Click here to read more about the project over on Dazed Digital.


‘Moon’ with Sam Rockwell

I’m pretty stoked for this new movie by Duncan Jones called Moon. It stars Sam Rockwell as an astronaut who’s been living on the moon all alone for nearly three years, working to mine a precious resource that has helped diminish the planet’s power problems. But then some crazy junk happens and the main character finds another person working on the moon with him, who looks exactly like him. He’s also aided by a creepy computer that has emoticon faces and is voiced by Kevin Spacey, so you know there’s gonna be some HAL kinda shit going down.

I’m such a dork for sci-fi, and this looks frigging awesome. I read that the sets were actually built, and they tried to not CGI everything, so that’s good to know as well. This year in movies just keeps getting better and better.


An Evening with Michel Gondry and Friends

I was talking to my good friend Frank last night about why we love Los Angeles, and the biggest reason is that there’s always something fun to do. Such as tonight at The Montalbán, where there’s a screening of Michel Gondry’s new film, Michel Gondry 2: more videos (before & after DVD 1). The evening will feature “music, art, film and surprise guests, celebrating one of cinemas most groundbreaking filmmakers.” This should be so rad, I’ve heard he’s a weirdo when he talks in front of people.

The event is put on my the awesome folks at Flux, KCRW and Nike Sportswear, thanks ya’ll!


Gama-Go Store Opens in SF!

I got an email from Greg over at Gama-Go last night telling me that they just opened their first flagship store in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco. The shop used to be home to a flooring company, but when the space opened up Gama-Go decided to move in. As Greg says, “We’ve always really liked the SOMA neighborhood & wanted to offer something that you couldn’t really find around here – namely a clothing and gift store!”

I asked Greg if they had and plans to open any stores in the future, and he said, “We’re definitely interested in opening other stores. This first one is great for helping us visualize what we want our stores to look like & what sort of experience we want to offer our customers. We have a strong relationship with LA and of course we love NYC and Chicago. I can also see us opening stores in the Northwest & perhaps overseas. Anyways, that’s all down the road a bit. Right now we’re excited to be giving our home town some love.”

The shop is located at 335 8th St. at Folsom, so if you live in SF or happen to be visiting, definitely go by the shop and say hi. They’re also having an opening party on May 2nd, so go have some beers on Gama-Go!


Hard Graft’s New High Laptop Cases

I’m desperately in need of a laptop, I haven’t had one for about 7 or 8 years now, but I still dream of the day when I can tuck one away in a sweet laptop case. Hard Graft is definitely becoming filling a niche for designer laptop cases, featuring a thick wool felt body and leather detailing. The images above are from their New High collection, and I’m loving the elastic band on the front, so you can shove misc. items like magazines in there.