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Tonight: Thomas Campbell’s “The Present”

Tonight I’m lucky enough to be heading to the premiere of Thomas Campbell’s newest film The Present. The film is sort of an homage to old school surf films, with lots of surf footage from all over the world. The whole thing is shot in Super 16mm, so the colors are absolutely beautiful, and with a vision like T-Moes, you know it’s gonna be good.

The movie starts at 8 PM tonight with a reception starting at 7. If you want to come out and see this, be sure to come early cuz’ it’s gonna’ be packed.

Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán
1615 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028


Arkitip Interviews Kyle Blue of Dwell Magazine

Finding inspiring little videos is always nice, and the one above featuring Kyle Blue from Dwell is no exception. Kyle gives a wonderful peak inside the Dwell offices and how the designers work together. It looks like they have such a fun and rad job! Yet again the folks over at Arkitip crank out another great video.


James Joyce

I came across James Joyce’s while looking through the most recent issue of Esquire UK, he did a tiny illustration and I thought it was fun. Sure enough he also did a recent cover of Wallpaper* as well, one that I was really impressed with. Anyhow, James is a British designer who has a studio called One Fine Day, which makes all kinda of neat things.

The images above are flyers he created for the London party It’s Bigger Than. He created these from 2005 to 2007, and with the help of Dave Oscroft, the flyers would be animated and projected in the club as well. Really bright and fun images, I would love to see moving examples of these.


P.S. Here’s some examples on YouTube of the flyers being animated. (Thanks, Katie)

Anothercompany Updates

Joachim Baan, who designs under the name Anothercompany, recently refreshed his site with some really great new work. He’s got pieces from all over the place, in all kinds of mediums. One of my favorites is the poster he did for the project Connected, where you ‘remix’ someone else’s poster design. It’s funny how gray can be so expressive!


Objectified Film Poster

Gary Hustwit and the folks over at the Objectified movie released a new poster designed by Michael Place and Build. It’s a beautiful metallic silver and black print showing a ton of the objects from the designers in the movie and more. And at 27 x 39 inches this thing is a beast! My favorite detail is that they slipped the movie title into the objects, so sneaky!

The site says it should be released in their shop soon, I’m just hoping it’s not going to be crazy expensive, I want one really bad.

UPDATE: The poster is officially on sale now.


Saturday Morning Watchmen

Oh man, you have to watch this video parody of Watchmen, made to look like an early 90’s cartoon show. It’s pretty on spot with how stupid all the character’s would be. It even references a bunch of the plot points from the comic like Rorshach being friends with the animals and The Comedian wanting a kiss, haha… The world needs more of this kinda stuff.

Found through John Gruber’s Tweet


The Desktop Wallpaper Project Turns 1!! Featuring Puño

Well whaddya’ know. As of tomorrow, the Desktop Wallpaper Project is officially ONE YEAR OLD. On March 5th of last year, The Desktop Wallpaper Project was born, some crazy idea that I wasn’t sure would even work. But it’s been pretty successful so far, and I have all of you awesome readers to thank for that.

In honor of the DWP’s birthday, I wanted to release a very special wallpaper, one that I’ve been holding on to for quite a while, but wanted to release for something special. It was design by a guy named Puño, a Spanish illustrator working from Paris, who’s drawings I’m in love with. he has this really clean and simple style but it’s always really expressive and fun.

His wallpaper blew me out of the water, but I’m probably biased. These two hoodlums are obviously a part of a Black Fox gang! I want to be there friend and break bottles with them, haha… I hope you all have enjoyed the last year of wallpapers, here’s to another year!



I don’t remember how I came across Bosque, a studio in Buenos Aires, Aregentina, but they’ve totally won my heart. Made up of artists Bolsadeosos and Maybe, they create all kinda of fun things like the live painting they did at the ED Festival in Mar del Plata. I would totally love to have this as a wallpaper in my apartment, it’s so fun and cheery!