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The Desktop Wallpaper Project Turns 1!! Featuring Puño

Well whaddya’ know. As of tomorrow, the Desktop Wallpaper Project is officially ONE YEAR OLD. On March 5th of last year, The Desktop Wallpaper Project was born, some crazy idea that I wasn’t sure would even work. But it’s been pretty successful so far, and I have all of you awesome readers to thank for that.

In honor of the DWP’s birthday, I wanted to release a very special wallpaper, one that I’ve been holding on to for quite a while, but wanted to release for something special. It was design by a guy named Puño, a Spanish illustrator working from Paris, who’s drawings I’m in love with. he has this really clean and simple style but it’s always really expressive and fun.

His wallpaper blew me out of the water, but I’m probably biased. These two hoodlums are obviously a part of a Black Fox gang! I want to be there friend and break bottles with them, haha… I hope you all have enjoyed the last year of wallpapers, here’s to another year!



I don’t remember how I came across Bosque, a studio in Buenos Aires, Aregentina, but they’ve totally won my heart. Made up of artists Bolsadeosos and Maybe, they create all kinda of fun things like the live painting they did at the ED Festival in Mar del Plata. I would totally love to have this as a wallpaper in my apartment, it’s so fun and cheery!


Romain Lenancker

I’m feeling totally inspired by this poster by Romain Lenancker for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, France. I love simple ideas like these that then translate into such an amazing overall design. Click here to see some behind the scenes photos of how he did it.


Light Beat by Alex Beim

Light Beat is a simple and beautiful installation that tracks your heart beat through a heart rate monitor, which then makes the lights around you react to it. All you have to do is put your index finger on a tiny sensor and the lights start to pulse, just like your heart beat. The guy who created this, Alex Beim, is an amazing light/interaction designer and has an amazing portfolio of work here, and on Vimeo.



I’m loving these amazing little business cards for Shanghai based designer, Driv. It’s a really clever way to get people to notice your card, and it totally made me smile, the intended effect I’m sure.