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Look Around You

Remember those informational videos you watch as a kid? They’d always be really cheesy and horribly produced, and you had to remember parts of it for a test at the end? Yeah, those sucked. But a couple of guys by the names of Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz decided to create some very Monty Python-esque versions of those videos called Look Around You.

The series first debuted in 2002 with eight 10 minute shorts, consisting of Maths, Water, Germs, Ghosts, Sulphur, Music, Iron and Brain. These are all rather offbeat but amazing, and I’m guaranteeing that you’ll definitely get sucked into watching all of these, possibly getting yourself fired.

I have to say thanks to Mr. Ben Bours for introducing me to these a couple months ago while I was sick, they were a lifesaver.

Check under the cut for the rest of the series, parts 2 through 8. Enjoy ’em!

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Andy’s Frozen Custard

I realized there’s sort of a trend to today’s posts, kind of a “making old things more cool” vibe. This time it’s Andy’s Frozen Custard, a store in Springfield, Missouri that was started by a husband wife who “took on the challenge of selling frozen custard”… right. Anyhow, they’ve opened a new store and it’s absolutely beautiful, and environmentally friendly.

The store collects rainwater which cools the custard machine compressors, waters the plants around the site, and even can be used to rinse equipment. The lighting uses high efficiency fluorescent bulbs as well, which makes the building look beautiful and helps lower energy needs. Good design in uncommon places is always fun.

Read more about Andy’s Frozen Custard over on Arch Daily.


Boxed Water Is Better

Having an old standard, say, a water bottle, and somehow turning into something new by using an even older standard, say, a milk carton, and you just might get Boxed Water Is Better. The idea is that a carton can be made from renewable resources, can be shipped flat to reduce it’s carbon footprint and can be recycled pretty much anywhere. Now they just need smaller quart sizes to take running with you.

Found through The Dieline



Aquarium Drunkard, aka Justin Gage, released an awesome project a couple weeks back called RAM On L.A., a tribute to the Paul McCartney classic, RAM. He gathered a bunch of hip, East Los Angeles bands together like Earlimart, Bodies of Water and The Parson Redheads to create a beautiful, contemporary version of this classic record. The album is amazing and it’s suggested that everyone who downloads the songs donate money to No More Landmines, a cause that Paul proudly supports.

I’m a big fan of RAM, some of you might remember I put Ram On onto the +KN Mixtape Sunshine Sometime, it’s an absolutely amazing song. Since I’m kinda nutty, I decided to create my own cover to this sweet comp’, because… well… the original artwork needed some love.

Below is the tracklisting, download it here.

Earlimart / Too Many People
Frankel / 3 Legs
The Parson Redheads / Ram On
Bodies of Water / Dear Boy
Radar Bros. / Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Naptunes / Smile Away
Los Baby Fools / Heart Of The Country
Le Switch / Monkberry Moon Delight
The Broken West / Eat At Home
Amnion / Long Haired Lady
The Parson Redheads / Ram On (reprise)
Travel by Sea / The Back Seat Of My Car


Lorick Lookbook; Shot by Tom Hines

Moody, saturated photography is definitely one of my favorite things, and Tome Hines totally nailed it with his photos for the Fall ’09 lookbook for Lorick. The book was inspired the French new wave film The Bride Wore Black with a bit of Hitchcock mixed in, giving this eerie yet beautiful vibe to all of the photos.

Taking it further though is the website, which uses the photos as a backdrop to further enhance the clothing. There’s also some amazing French music that’s so beautiful, does anyone know what it is? It sounds a lot like Beirut, or something from Amelie… really beautiful stuff. The whole thing was put together by Roanne Adams, who’s done some really great I.D. work as well. Be sure to check out all of these links, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out some more photos from the site under the cut.

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Harrington Jackets Are Coming Back

Back in January I noticed a really sweet jacket in the back of the J.Crew catalog, the Baracuta jacket you see above. As it turns out, my nose was pointed in the right direction, as the folks over at Valet did a write up about the jackets enduring cool factor. Aaron Levine, design director over at Hickey sums it up best:

“The amazing thing about the Harrington is its resilience to trends, which is what I love about proper clothing… it can be worn with whatever—jeans and a T-shirt or madras trousers with an oxford and a tie.”

I’ll take 3, thanks.


Emma McNally

I’ve been loving these crazy, borderline OCD pencil drawings by Emma McNally. I don’t really know how to describe them other than having lots of lines and dots all over the place, but in an artistic way. It’s kind of like trying to find meaning in gray static on TV, but you know, the beautiful kind. You can see more of her work on her flickr account, here.