The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Damien Correll

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Damien Correll

Damien Correll

The Desktop Wallpaper Project has obviously had quite a few artists, but last night I realized that I might have so many wallpapers that I’m losing track of one’s I haven’t posted! For example, today’s wallpaper is by one of my favorite artists out there, Damien Correll. It wasn’t until last night while I was going through the backgrounds on my iPhone that I realized that Damien had made me a sweet wallpaper, and I had completely forgotten about it. I even hassled him for a wallpaper like 2 weeks ago! haha… Anyhow, if you’ve never seen Damien’s work you’re totally missing out. His style is filled with sketchy but precise line work, bright colors, geometric shapes, and words and letters that test the boundaries of type design.

His wallpaper is an awesome mish-mash of patterns and textures which come together to create a sort of funky patchwork quilt. I think my favorite part of this are the colors because they make me feel like spring is slowly approaching, but not quite here yet. And I think that white block on the right looks like a Frosted Mini-Wheat.

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