The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jack Crossing

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this week’s wallpaper out. I decided to redesign the site last night instead of posting this, please forgive me! Anywho, this weeks wallpaper comes from English designer Jack Crossing, a young buck who’s creating a ton of rad stuff lately. You might remember his J shaped clothesline pins from last year, but he’s all over the place creatively.

He sent me two wallpapers, and this is actually the one he didn’t want me to post, but I thought it was really funny so I had to post it. I think personally this statement is already true, considering I spend probably 16 hours a day on my computer. But I also love the phrase “hell yeah”, it’s such an amazing bro phrase that I love to appropriate and use for my own evil ways. I hope ya’ll like it.


March 12, 2009