Monocle To Open L.A. Shop, But Still Doesn’t Understand L.A.

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Earlier today I saw a tweet from Tom over at The Scout, confirming that Monocle was indeed opening a shop in Los Angeles, something they hinted at in their most recent issue. As critical as I can be about Monocle, I feel like I hold them to higher standard because they do so many things so very right.

Excited, I was curious to find out where the shop would be, but to my dismay, they chose… Brentwood. For those who aren’t familiar with Los Angeles, Brentwood is a “fancy” neighborhood, but it’s also completely out of the way from anything cool. I feel like I know Los Angeles pretty damn well, and well, I couldn’t tell you a damn store in Brentwood.

There are so many places in Los Angeles for a Monocle store to go. There’s the REALLY rich folk in Beverly Hills, the constantly gentrifying Downtown, the hipsters in Silverlake… but they chose the most out of way place in this entire mess of a city. Yet again Monocle, you seem to not understand a damn thing about Los Angeles, and this further proves that point.

Tyler Brulé is quoted as saying the location offers, “a great space in a high traffic area which possesses a similar demographic and ‘community feel’ to our Marylebone store in London.” If the demographic he’s speaking of is Ed Hardy wearing moms driving around in FJ Cruisers, then I suppose he’s right on the mark. But in my opinion, a Monocle store would fare better in an area that is more urban, cares about what’s going on around the world and appreciates well designed things.

I’ll still visit the shop… but it’ll have to be a very special trip.


March 11, 2009