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Jamie McLellan

I came across Jamie McLellan’s work after he sent me a random reply on Twitter. As I always do, I check and see if he had a website, and sure enough he’s an absolutely amazing product designer. He’s recently worked as senior designer for Tom Dixon, and now works in his own studio making all sorts of rad stuff like furniture and even racing sails, no biggie. He has a really impressive portfolio of work, but I really loved these simple scissors he created for Ordning&Reda. I love that they’re metal, but still have soft edges, a really nice juxtaposition.


Moving Brands Gives Norton & Sons A Fresh Look

I love love love this redesign by Moving Brands of Saville Row tailors, Norton & Sons. Not only redid their logos and marks, they also helped re-shape their entire brand including their storefront. There’s something really elegant and simple about the rebrand that I’m really enjoying. I also think it’s rad that their crest was “awarded by a Prussian emperor in the 19th century.” Too cool.

For more information about their process click here.


Newsweek Is Getting A Redesign

Newsweek Plans Makeover to Fit a Smaller Audience
by By Richard Pérez-Peña

I thought this article about Newsweek redesigning their magazine for a niche community was an interesting read. With so many magazines closing these days, it’s kind of cool to see one of the old guard taking some drastic steps to keep their doors open.

A deep-rooted part of the newsweekly culture has been to serve a mass audience, but that market has been shrinking, and new subscribers come at a high price in call centers, advertising and deeply discounted subscriptions.

“Mass for us is a business that doesn’t work,” said Tom Ascheim, Newsweek’s chief executive. “Wish it did, but it doesn’t. We did it for a long time, successfully, but we can’t anymore.”

The magazine will replace its thin paper with heavier stock that is more appealing to advertisers and readers. It will also put more emphasis on photography. Pages of a mock issue that Mr. Meacham displayed in his office on West 57th Street in Manhattan show a cleaner, less cluttered layout that has more open space and fewer pages that seem an uninterrupted sea of words.

It sounds to me like they’re trying to turn themselves into Monocle, which with it’s $10 price tag and luxury advertisers in every issue, isn’t a bad move. I just wish they’d redesign that logo of their’s. The red block is iconic, but that type needs to be refreshed and re-set.


Fifty People, One Question

This one’s been floating around for a while, but I fall in love with it every time I watch. The concept is simple, Fifty People, One Question. It’s an extremely human video that really shows how unique people are and how interesting anyone can be. The way it’s shot is rather dreamy, and the music does a great job of intensifying the mood of the video. There are two more videos, but the one above shot in London is my absolute favorite.


A Few More Beats – And Maybe, A New Sound: 03

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these puppies, and I know how much you all enjoy some new tunes, so hopefully I’ve still got the knack. I’ve got 4 tracks for you all to preview, things I’ve been listening to recently and I think you’ll like.

M. Ward

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Shangri-La by M. Ward

First up is M. Ward, one of my favorite musicians right now. In my eyes, the guy can do no wrong. He’s got a new album called Hold Time coming out on Feb. 17, and if you liked his old stuff, you’ll love this as well. He’s got a bunch of guest stars including the lovely Zooey Deschanel and Lucinda Williams. The song above is my ABSOLUTE favorite song on the album, and I listen to it on repeat. It sounds old and magical to me, maybe you hear it to?

Ryan Adams

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Meadowlake Street by Ryan Adams

This is an older track that caught my ear a few weeks back. I had never heard a Ryan Adams album before, all I could think of was around 9-11 when he had some song about New York. So I grabbed a couple albums, and well, this song instantly stood out to me. One morning I woke up humming it but unable to think of what it was, and it drove me nuts! I like that the song has a subtle build up, getting more intense as it goes. I’ve also been told I look like Ryan Adams, lucky him. You can find this song on the album Cold Roses.

Bishop Allen

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Dirt on Your New Shoes by Bishop Allen

After a two year wait, Bishop Allen is finally releasing a new album titled Grrr…, and so far I’m really loving it. It’s a lot different from The Broken String, which was mostly a collection of songs recorded as a part of their EP a month project. This album is still pop-tastic, but it seems a little less polished than the previous one. But if you enjoy the song above, definitely pick up the album when it comes out on March 10.

Andrew Bird

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Not a Robot, But A Ghost by Andrew Bird

I complained a lot about Andrew Bird’s last album, Armchair Apocrypha, even saying that Pale Young Gentleman made the album that Andrew should have. But then Andrew Bird released Noble Beasts on January 20, and I took it all back, the guy is definitely back and in a good way. He put away a lot of the gimmicks of the strings and busted out a guitar, which gives the songs a much better sound and feel, freshening them up a lot. When I first got this album I listened to it non-stop, and I’m sure I’ll see this album on my best of the year list. Also be sure to check out the second, instrumental disc called Useless Creatures.


Eva Funderburgh’s Santatsugama Sculptures

Often times creativity runs through a family, and some times it doesn’t. For the Funderburghs, clearly the former is true. Dan Funderburgh, expert pattern and wallpaper designer, has an equally gifted sister Eva, though her skills lie in ceramics. She calls the creatures you see up there ‘Santatsugamas’, and I have no idea what that means, but they look pretty damn awesome. She makes tons of these little guys, as you can see here on her Flickr page.

Based on what I read from Eva’s Flickr, she’s currently working on some Santatsugamas featuring some of Dan’s fancy patterns. Man oh man, I’d KILL to have one of those, Hook it up Dan! Also be sure to check out Dan’s page, who just a couple weeks ago updated his website as well with lots of goodies.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ghostpatrol

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ghostpatrol


Hey everyone! Sorry for the late posting of the wallpaper today, I’ve had a crazy day, but thankfully I caught a second wind late tonight. This weeks DWP is from Australian artist and +KN supporter ghostpatrol, who sometimes goes by the name of David as well. ghostpatrol draws a lot of cute/creepy kids, but does it in all kinds of fun mediums.

I’m also totally in love with this wallpaper. I love milkshakes, and this Link-looking, dagger-carrying fella is pretty rad looking, I kinda wish I dressed like that. I also love that it’s a print so you can see all the texture and details that make it so great looking. Plus there’s lots of room for your icons on the sides as well!