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Eva Funderburgh’s Santatsugama Sculptures

Often times creativity runs through a family, and some times it doesn’t. For the Funderburghs, clearly the former is true. Dan Funderburgh, expert pattern and wallpaper designer, has an equally gifted sister Eva, though her skills lie in ceramics. She calls the creatures you see up there ‘Santatsugamas’, and I have no idea what that means, but they look pretty damn awesome. She makes tons of these little guys, as you can see here on her Flickr page.

Based on what I read from Eva’s Flickr, she’s currently working on some Santatsugamas featuring some of Dan’s fancy patterns. Man oh man, I’d KILL to have one of those, Hook it up Dan! Also be sure to check out Dan’s page, who just a couple weeks ago updated his website as well with lots of goodies.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ghostpatrol

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ghostpatrol


Hey everyone! Sorry for the late posting of the wallpaper today, I’ve had a crazy day, but thankfully I caught a second wind late tonight. This weeks DWP is from Australian artist and +KN supporter ghostpatrol, who sometimes goes by the name of David as well. ghostpatrol draws a lot of cute/creepy kids, but does it in all kinds of fun mediums.

I’m also totally in love with this wallpaper. I love milkshakes, and this Link-looking, dagger-carrying fella is pretty rad looking, I kinda wish I dressed like that. I also love that it’s a print so you can see all the texture and details that make it so great looking. Plus there’s lots of room for your icons on the sides as well!

Waltz with Bashir

Waltz with Bashir is the tale of Ari Folman and his journey to try and remember the time around 1982, and this involvement in the Lebanon War, which he can’t remember. Slowly he puts the pieces together as he talks with old friends who there with him in the war.

I had the opportunity to see Waltz with Bashir last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It picked up the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film already, and is also nominated for an Academy Award as well. I mostly went to see it because of the involvement of the Hanuka brothers, Tomer and Asaf. Asaf recently posted some of the backgrounds to the film on their blog, which you can see above. to check out more of these, click here.


Serge Leblon

I’m totally smitten with the photos of Serge Leblon, especially these two of one of my favorite directors, Wes Anderson. The saturation of colors is absolutely brilliant, and seeing that custom Louis Vuitton luggage makes my mouth water. To check out more of his photos, click here.


Janine Rewell

There are lots of Finnish treasures in the portfolio of Janine Rewell. The adorable Sporks you see above are re-usable and washable, are made from organically grown bamboo, and features some really cute illustrations which make me want to use them even more. Such a great project.


6 Differences

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve battled two sicknesses, worked long hours, and started a new side-project, all in the last 3 weeks or so. I’ll try not to be a stranger.

Last night I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I killed a bunch of time playing this sweet game called 6 Diffirences. It’s like that thing you’d see in Highlights, except it’s like the updated, gritty, urban version. Okay, it really didn’t take me that long, but it’s fun nonetheless with Banksy and Obey Giant references, as well as photos that look like something Todd Hido would shoot.