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Michael Muller

I was browsing through Krops new Hosted Portfolio service when I came across the work of Michael Muller, one of the biggest commercial photographers out there. The guy has shot just about everyone under the sun, but this American Gothic tribute featuring the guys from Flight of the Conchords was my absolute favorite. There’s something so amazing about the colors and the look on their faces. Such a gem.


Julia Sonmi Heglund

Check out this sweet (and kinda creepy) illustration by Julia Sonmi Heglund. I’m totally digging the colors on this one as well as how delicious those letters look. I’d totally eat a hand full of those. Check out the rest of her work as well, she’s doing some crazy stuff.

Update: So I had no idea that this was a Threadless t-shirt, I noticed Julia through a random Twitter. But she seems like an awesome chick, as you’ll see in the video below. You can also snag the design above as a sweet t-shirt by clicking here.


New Single from Phoenix, ‘1901’

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1901 by Phoenix

I really love Phoenix, and it’s been too long since they’ve released an album. Thankfully (they obviously love me and want to make me happy) and are releasing a new album on May 25th called Wolfgang Amadeus. When you visit their site, you can listen to the first single off the album called 1901, and even download it as either an MP3 or an AAC file.

Click here to hear the song, download it, and be sure to check out that fun little animation in the beginning.


Levi van Veluw’s ‘Light’ Portraits

Levi van Veluw is one seriously weird guy… I mean that in a nice way. Working out of the Netherlands, he creates these amazing portraits, or as he calls them “information-rich image(s) of colour, form, texture, and content”, by visually altering his appearance. His Landscapes series was all over the webs, but I recently noticed his new project entitled Light.

He’s basically just covered his head in “light generating foil”, but it’s totally surreal watching him turn and turn. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with in the future.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jolby

Good Wednesday everybody! This week there’s a double header by a couple of amazing guys, Colby Nichols and Josh Kenyon, who work together under the moniker of Jolby. Though Colby lives in Portland and Josh lives in Chicago, they expertly manage to work together, creating some really epic and beautiful pieces.

The wallpapers above are preview of their upcoming show at the Subtext Gallery in San Diego called Home Is Where You Make It. The show is a narrative about “a boy named William who, after suffering a great loss, leaves his familiar town of Seaside to discover what “home” really means inside the depths of an aging forest.” From what I’ve seen of the show it’s going to be amazing. They’ve made around 40 silkscreened pieces, there will be plush dolls, and I’m sure a ton more awesome stuff.

The show opens this Saturday, February 21st, from 6-10pm, and runs until March 22nd, so if you happen to be in San Diego, be sure to stop by and check it out.
Click here for more details.


Chocolate Orgániko

I was browsing through Monsieur Marcel over the weekend when I came across this really graphic and bold line of chocolate products called Chocolate Orgániko. The company started in 2006 in Madrid, Spain, making organic chocolate out of cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Trinidad Island. The result is a chocolate bar that’s all about pure flavors.

I love how simple and bold the packaging is, they totally caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store. My favorite is the White Chocolate Bar, which is not only brightly colored, but is “For Children From 0 to 90 Years Old.”


Chi-Yun Lau

Check out this sweet foxy man by Chi-Yun Lau. The fastest way to my heart is to include a fox into things. I think the perspective and colors on this are beautiful as well.


Steven Harrington for Arkitip x Incase

My homeboy Steven Harrington just released his new collaboration with the folks over at Arkitip and Incase, creating an amazing Macbook and iPhone case, both featuring his amazing art work. The video above is a little sneak peek into Steven’s world. I’ve got to hang out with Steven a couple of times and he’s such a rad, down to earth guy. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also killing it artistically.

You can pick up the Macbook sleeve here, and the iPhone case here.


The New Simpsons Intro

I’ve never been a HUGE fan of The Simpons, but this new HD intro is pretty dang spectacular. It’s almost one of those things you need to soak in frame by frame. I think my new favorite part is when they wake up Grampa up in the car when Marge and Maggie honk.