Be A Star And Fall Down Somewhere Next To Me | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

Be A Star And Fall Down Somewhere Next To Me | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
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I got an email from a +KN reader named Jodi earlier today, telling me that she wished I had released a mixtape for Valentine’s Day. I wrote her back saying that I hadn’t even thought about it, but that it was a good idea. Her response cracked me up:

Maybe I should have let you know beforehand that I was expecting one, but in true girl Valentines Day form, I waited until I didn’t get one to tell you that I really wanted/expected one.

So in honor of Jody, and all the other girls out there who might not get what they want for Valentine’s Day, I give you Be A Star And Fall Down Somehwere Next To Me. This mix in a lot of ways is a continuation of the last mix, They Don’t Pierce The Night. But this is less about longing, and more about hope.

The title of the mix comes from a Rufus Wainwright song, which actually isn’t on the mix at all. But after I heard the lyric, I knew I had to use it for an eventual mix. I think it’s quite fitting for Valentine’s Day, and as always I hope you all enjoy it, and would love to hear your feedback.

01 I’m The Drunk and You’re The Star by New Buffalo
02 Long Time Ahead of Us by The Walkmen
03 Will You Be There by Port O’ Brien
04 There Is a Place? by Pale Young Gentlemen
05 It Was A Beautiful Car by M. Ward
06 You Said It Before by Mojave 3
07 Lump Sum by Bon Iver
08 Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing by The Magnetic Fields
09 Involuntary by M. Ward
10 Oh My Love by John Lennon
11 Some Racing, Some Stopping by Headlights


Edit: I meant to mention that two of the songs on the mix were taken from Daytrotter sessions. The songs I used were Bon Iver’s Lump Sum and Headlights’ Some Racing, Some Stopping. Both of these versions were almost more magical then their original counterparts. Click here to hear the rest of the Bon Iver set, and here for the Headlights.

February 13, 2009