The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring 123KLAN

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring 123KLAN


Hey hey it’s still Wednesday, and you all need a new desktop!
I’m totally stoked on this weeks wallpaper, it’s definitely one of the coolest I’ve ever featured. I got an email about a month ago from Scien of 123KLAN saying that he enjoyed the site. So I obviously had to take the opportunity to invite him and his wife Klor to participate in the project!

What they came up with was the awesome little guy you see above. As I do a lot of the time, the words of the artist sum this one up best:

As the temperature is very low over here,
We had to kill the “kitsune noir”
To make a typical canadian beanie with it,
we are sorry but we really had no other options…

So hysterical. I love the color palette, his Kitsune Noir jersey, his dunks vandals, and the mustache especially. I hope you all enjoy this weeks wallpaper as much as me, and be sure to check back next Wednesday!

February 11, 2009