Eva Funderburgh’s Santatsugama Sculptures

Often times creativity runs through a family, and some times it doesn’t. For the Funderburghs, clearly the former is true. Dan Funderburgh, expert pattern and wallpaper designer, has an equally gifted sister Eva, though her skills lie in ceramics. She calls the creatures you see up there ‘Santatsugamas’, and I have no idea what that means, but they look pretty damn awesome. She makes tons of these little guys, as you can see here on her Flickr page.

Based on what I read from Eva’s Flickr, she’s currently working on some Santatsugamas featuring some of Dan’s fancy patterns. Man oh man, I’d KILL to have one of those, Hook it up Dan! Also be sure to check out Dan’s page, who just a couple weeks ago updated his website as well with lots of goodies.


February 5, 2009