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Tight Knit by Vetiver

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More Of This by Vetiver

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Sister by Vetiver

2009 keeps impressing me musically, and more and more amazing things keep coming, I can barely keep up! One of absolute favorites of the year so far though is the new Vetiver album, Tight Knit. This is Vetiver’s fourth album now, and I think he keeps getting better with each new release. Tight Knit continues down a less minimal folk approach like his first self titled album, instead he decides to make more rich sounding music. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still folk-y, but with Andy Cabic’s signature twist on it.

I haven’t been able to stop listening to this album, it’s on all the time for me. It’s so mellow and easy to listen to, without putting me to sleep either. I’d also like to point out the absolutely amazing cover artwork, which was created by Nathaniel Russell. I’d seriously get that tattooed on my body.

If you enjoy the two songs above, head over to Sub Pop, Andy’s new label, and pick yourself up a copy. Seriously, it’s amazing.


Pen Pencil Stencil

How awesome are these totebags from Pen Pencil Stencil? They feature a printed pattern on the inside and come in an edition of 10… it’s too bad the one in front is sold out already! This blue one is still in stock though. Be sure to check out the rest of the work as well, lot’s of cute stuff like the wooden dolls above… very Geoff McFetridge-esque.


Animal Collective Video for ‘My Girls’

Didn’t see this music video for Animal Collective’s My Girls until today, but it’s such a trip I had to post it. The video is like a weird Ren & Stimpy acid trip, with the guys (in green screen suits) playing in what looks like a marble soda filled with snot and bacteria. This slowly starts to change as they get pink mouths, the bacteria turns to Doritos and Cheezits, and eventually they turn into green, dripping swamp monsters.

Only Animal Collective, right?


Here We Lie Print by Marco Zamora

The awesome Marco Zamora has a great new print up for sale over at POVevolving Gallery. It’s titled Here We Lie, kind of a creepy ink painting, but there’s something really subtle about the creepiness that I’m digging.

Check out the rest of Marco’s work and the other prints in the POVevolving shop as well, which you can see here.


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Cody Hoyt

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Cody Hoyt

Cody Hoyt

Good morning and yay it’s already Wednesday! Today’s wallpaper is one of those gems that I’ve been hanging on to for a little while, so excited to share with everyone. It comes from the amazing Cody Hoyt, a master of turning chaos into beauty. When I first saw Cody’s work I was amazed by how much detail goes into each piece he creates, with random bits and bobs making a collective wonder.

For his wallpaper he created a totally beautiful wallpaper filled with a ton of wonderful shapes and filled with bright colors. He obviously knew how to make me happy. Be sure to check out the largest version of this to see all of the amazing details he put into this, it’s not to be missed.

Tonight: Flux Screening Series at The Hammer

Photo courtesy of the Corita Art Center, Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles

Tonight at The Hammer, Flux will be having their first Screening Series of 2009, and it looks to be a good one. There will be a showing of Aaron Rose’s new film Become a Microscope – 90 Statements on Sister Corita, which features an original score by Money Mark and Becky Stark. Sister Corita was a teacher, political activist and possibly one of the most innovative and unusual pop artists of the 1960’s.

There will also be a new film by Ace Norton called Soundscapes, and the premiere of two N.A.S.A. music videos, one directed by Three Legged Legs, and the other by Logan with the help of The Date Farmers.

The screenings start at 8 PM, so if you’re in LA, come out and have some fun.