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To continue my Copenhagen yet one step further, commenter Jeppe suggested I check out the video above as they parkour at a building in Copenhagen which I think is called VM Mountain. I watched the video and it’s pretty cool, as most parkour is, as is the building they’re running through. But then I checked it against Kim Høltermand’s site, who I just posted about below, and it turns out he took photos of the building as well. So it’s kind of neat to be able to see the building with people moving around in it, as well as from an beautifull photographed angle as well.

Watch the video above, which is a trailer for MY PLAYGROUND, coming out this summer.
And check out Kim’s photos of VM Mountain by clicking here.


Kim Høltermand’s Copenhagen

After posting the previous post about Copenhagen I already received a ton of comments, you all are so good to me. But I had to single out one commenter in particular because he’s not only quite skilled, but helps exemplify the Copenhagen I would love to see. His name is Kim Høltermand and I’ve posted about him before, almost exactly 11 months ago to the day in fact.

Kim’s photos are absolutely stunning to me, showing the most beautiful angles and environments. They’re always quite moody, oftentimes run down, but he always portrays these scenes in a really creative and fresh way. So when I dream of Copenhagen, the images on his site are exactly what I’m thinking about. Awesome work Kim, and thanks for commenting!


Copenhagen, I’m Your’s…

Recently I’ve been thinking about traveling, something that I don’t ever do. I’ve never been out of the country before, Hawaii doesn’t count, so I’ve been dreaming of places I’d love to go. Tonight I’ve been dreaming of Copenhagen, scanning over Google Maps, looking at the geotagged photos of the area. It’s so interesting to go virtual sightseeing, something that even 5 years ago was absolutely impossible. I know a lot of you readers are from the area, so what’s a good time of the year to go? I’m guessing spring or summer is best, but I’m curious to get your thoughts.

I found the random photos above and kinda fell in love with them. The top one is the coolest apartment building ever (anyone know the name?) and the second one is funny because it’s painted on the side of a building. It’s a fun idea and looks better then just a plain old wall. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts or experiences traveling through Copenhagen to get some ideas and the such.


Emmanuel Polanco

I’m in love love love with the work of Emmanuel Polanco. Emmaneul is a 31 year old illustrator/designer/awesome guy who lives in France and makes some really amazing art. His style is kind of all over the place, clean and design-y at times, and then other times taking on an Eduardo Recife sort of flair. I love the two pieces above, for their color and humor.

You should also check out his Tarot of Marseille images, where he designed a set of tarot cards. They’re totally intense and cut and paste. I would love to have them as real cards to hang in a frame, I’m sure they’d look beautiful.


Objectified Trailer

If you read pretty much any other blog on the face of the planet, you’ve probably already seen the awesome trailer for Gary Hustwit’s new upcoming film Objectified. The film is a documentary about industrial design, and some of the brilliant people who’ve blessed our world with their incredible objects. The film features some of my heroes like Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive, Marc Newson, and Naoto Fukasawa, so I’m super stoked on seeing this.

The trailer definitely gets me really excited to see this, especially if it’s even half as good as his last documentary, Helvetica. I’ve watched this trailer about 12 times now, hopefully you all enjoy it is as much as I do.


Kenichi Honishe

I came across the paintings of Kenichi Hoshine rather randomly, LinkedIn of all things, but I was immediately drawn to them. His work is somewhat abstract, but features small and beautiful details that really make the piece exciting, or at least for me. They also seem quite accidental, though I’m sure if I tried to do what he does I’d fail miserably. I’d really love to see his paintings up close, I bet the details are stunning.
Did anyone manage to go to his show in New York last month?


Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2K9

If the photo above is even the smallest preview of what this spring/summer is going to look like, man oh man will this be a fun year. The polariod above is a preview of the upcoming line of Band of Outsiders, and they’re showing some pretty damn awesome pieces off so far. Everything looks really classic, and well, comfortable. I can’t wait to lounge around in some shorts and boat shoes. I miss summer!

Click here to see more photos from the shoot.


Jean Jullien Updates

Jean Jullien, one of my favorite Frenchmen in the world, just updated his portfolio yesterday with some fun new projects, like the one you see above for this brother’s band Niwouinwouin. He’s also updated his visual diary, which is where I snagged the bottom image from. I really think he’s an incredible illustrator, especially because his daily doodles seem totally amazing to me. I love reading through all the little annotations he does.

Check it all out by clicking here.