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Empire Bottling Works’ Real Cola

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Los Angeles, 81º in the middle of January. So of course I had to go out in shorts and a tee and have a nice outdoor lunch. I headed to one of my favorite places Auntie Em’s cuz’ they have an amazing meatloaf sandwich and their red velvet cupcakes are my favorite in LA.

When I walked through the door I noticed they had some fancy new sodas in a display case, so I decided to try it. It’s called Real Cola and is bottled by Empire Bottling Works, a company based in Bristol, Rhode Island that’s been doing it since 1930. The bottle is way cute, featuring a cupcake on the top, and their phone number on the side, in case you want to order a case. I thought overall the soda was pretty good, not overly sweet and not overly carbonated either. I noticed that BevMo! does sell it online, but they’re sold out for now, so good luck trying to find it!


Mike Perry Adheisve Bandages + Site Update

As a part of my epic shopping trip at Urban Outfitters, which I wrote about in the Damien Correll pillow post, I also found these sweet Mike Perry bandages, which come in a rad old school tin case, and features 4 different bandage designs, which I sadly did not take photos of. I never thought I’d run across hip bandages!

Mike also recently updated his site with tons of new work, starting 2K9 out right. I really loved the images from the Landscape Between Time & Space exhibit, especially the second image with the earth, sun, star, brick pyramid, and tree skateboarding down a hill. Way too cool.

He’s also part of a group show coming up here in LA at the Tinlark Gallery called Inspired + Oddducks on Saturday. The show features Martha Rich, Ivy Jacobsen, Marcie Paper, Kime Buzzelli, Yu-i Chan, Souther Salazar, Amy Huddleston, Rachel Papo, Anne M. Hall, Tanya Aguiñiga, Mike Perry, Henrike Stahl, and other surprises.


Swedish Gingerbread Caramels

I’m not really a sweets person, my taste buds prefer a more savory palate, but I came across these Swedish gingerbread caramels and I HAD TO buy them. I grew up eating caramel flavored hard candies, courtesy of my grandma, so this was something I was definitely a fan of. Add in the gingerbread flavor and how can you go wrong?! I was handing these out to everyone I know, making them taste these cuz’ they were that yummy.

Not only that, but the box is just about the cutest thing ever. The faces on the top and side remind me of Friends With You!. The side patterns are called Snowstar, “a pattern derived from farmhouse tapestries from happy occasions, handed down for generations since viking times, found in weavings know as dukagang.”

I bought these on a cute little shop on 3rd Street, but thankfully you can purchase these online from KALA Style. They sell a box of these for $10, which sounds like a lot for candies, but trust me on this one.

Damien Correll Pillow

A few weeks back I went on this epic shopping trip to the Urban Outfitters in Burbank, hearing good stories about them having couches and tons of great stuff. It turns out they were right, and one of the awesome things I found was this sweet pillow designed by Damien Correll as a part of that Nylon Mag collab they had with UO. I’ve slept on this pillow, and it’s real comfortable, and the stark black and white look great on the gray of my couch.

Sadly, the pillow is no longer for sale on the UO site, so check around and maybe you can find one for yourself. On a side note, the red plaid blanket was something I found in an antique store in Sacramento. It’s a Troy Robe blanket from the 50’s and I’m absolutely in love with it. The best part? It was only $12. Gem find.


Organic Grooming Deodorant by Herban Cowboy

This weekend I took a ton of photos of random things from my life that I thought everyone might enjoy, so the next five or six posts will be kind of all over the place. To start things off really randomly, is a deodorant. When I was in Roseville for X-mas, I desperately needed some deodorant, so I decided to hit up the new Whole Foods that recently opened. I was a bit frightened… I don’t need some Tom’s of Maine, hippy, patchouli smelling, bull shit… I just want some deodorant.

But then I stumbled across the amazing deodorant called Organic Grooming by Herban Cowboys. I was immediately drawn to it by the black packaging and it’s silver ink, very masculine and clean and restrained. So visually, I was satisfied. But what about the smell? Well, they’ve created their own scent called Dusk, which is very manly, sort of an old school deodorant smell, but really nice and subtle.

But that wasn’t all. The deodorant is also 100% vegan, and it contains no dyes, alcohol, or aluminum. Aluminum is thought to cause Alzheimer’s and alcohol and make your pits burn, so this, in my opinion, is a gem of the deodorant world. I know this post reeks of corporate shilling, but honestly it’s a great deodorant and an excellent alternative to all of those major brands.

Check out their whole line of products, including soap, cologne, shave cream, and after shave, all of which you can pick up on Amazon.


The Desktop Wallpaper featuring Garrett Vander Leun

I wanted to start the first wallpaper of 2009 off right, so I decided my roommate Garrett Vander Leun deserved the honor, since he’s an amazing illustrator and my BFF. Garrett was asked to do a piece by this college magazine called Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad, the theme being about tall vs. small people, or something like that. So Garrett dug into his past and came up with some of his favorite characters from movies and TV, and pitted them in this epic battle.

I think my favorite parts are Jen cutting up Andre the Giant, who in turn doesn’t give a shit and continues to beat on the coroner from Wizard of Oz. My other part is Hagrid who is almost accidentally crushing the Mayor of Oz, that dude is getting straight up MANGLED!

ANS also did an interview with Garrett which, if you’re luck enough to be able to read Dutch, you can check out by clicking here. If you don’t read Dutch though, +KN reader Thomas Vanhuyse was awesome enough to translate it to English. It’s definitely an odd little interview, so be sure to check it out, it’s a good time.

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To continue my Copenhagen yet one step further, commenter Jeppe suggested I check out the video above as they parkour at a building in Copenhagen which I think is called VM Mountain. I watched the video and it’s pretty cool, as most parkour is, as is the building they’re running through. But then I checked it against Kim Høltermand’s site, who I just posted about below, and it turns out he took photos of the building as well. So it’s kind of neat to be able to see the building with people moving around in it, as well as from an beautifull photographed angle as well.

Watch the video above, which is a trailer for MY PLAYGROUND, coming out this summer.
And check out Kim’s photos of VM Mountain by clicking here.


Kim Høltermand’s Copenhagen

After posting the previous post about Copenhagen I already received a ton of comments, you all are so good to me. But I had to single out one commenter in particular because he’s not only quite skilled, but helps exemplify the Copenhagen I would love to see. His name is Kim Høltermand and I’ve posted about him before, almost exactly 11 months ago to the day in fact.

Kim’s photos are absolutely stunning to me, showing the most beautiful angles and environments. They’re always quite moody, oftentimes run down, but he always portrays these scenes in a really creative and fresh way. So when I dream of Copenhagen, the images on his site are exactly what I’m thinking about. Awesome work Kim, and thanks for commenting!


Copenhagen, I’m Your’s…

Recently I’ve been thinking about traveling, something that I don’t ever do. I’ve never been out of the country before, Hawaii doesn’t count, so I’ve been dreaming of places I’d love to go. Tonight I’ve been dreaming of Copenhagen, scanning over Google Maps, looking at the geotagged photos of the area. It’s so interesting to go virtual sightseeing, something that even 5 years ago was absolutely impossible. I know a lot of you readers are from the area, so what’s a good time of the year to go? I’m guessing spring or summer is best, but I’m curious to get your thoughts.

I found the random photos above and kinda fell in love with them. The top one is the coolest apartment building ever (anyone know the name?) and the second one is funny because it’s painted on the side of a building. It’s a fun idea and looks better then just a plain old wall. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts or experiences traveling through Copenhagen to get some ideas and the such.


Emmanuel Polanco

I’m in love love love with the work of Emmanuel Polanco. Emmaneul is a 31 year old illustrator/designer/awesome guy who lives in France and makes some really amazing art. His style is kind of all over the place, clean and design-y at times, and then other times taking on an Eduardo Recife sort of flair. I love the two pieces above, for their color and humor.

You should also check out his Tarot of Marseille images, where he designed a set of tarot cards. They’re totally intense and cut and paste. I would love to have them as real cards to hang in a frame, I’m sure they’d look beautiful.