Nicholas Felton’s 2008 Feltron Annual Report

I can’t say I’ve ever been excited to see how many miles a person walked or how many songs they might have listened to, but when it’s presented like Nicholas Felton’s Annual Reports are, well that’s an entirely different matter.

The 2008 report covers all the little nuances of Nicholas’ life, from what kind of beers he drank, all the different kinds of transportation he took, maps with relevant things that happened. It’s all put together though in absolutely beautiful way, just looking through it I get jealous! I love the color scheme of this report, the different colors of gray with the pea green looks really sharp.

You can also check out his older reports from 2007, 2006, & 2005. I’ve also taken the liberty of posting the rest of the report under the cut, because someone like Kottke or Boing Boing will pick this up, effectively crashing the Feltron servers and then you can’t see anything. So enjoy!


January 13, 2009