Organic Grooming Deodorant by Herban Cowboy

This weekend I took a ton of photos of random things from my life that I thought everyone might enjoy, so the next five or six posts will be kind of all over the place. To start things off really randomly, is a deodorant. When I was in Roseville for X-mas, I desperately needed some deodorant, so I decided to hit up the new Whole Foods that recently opened. I was a bit frightened… I don’t need some Tom’s of Maine, hippy, patchouli smelling, bull shit… I just want some deodorant.

But then I stumbled across the amazing deodorant called Organic Grooming by Herban Cowboys. I was immediately drawn to it by the black packaging and it’s silver ink, very masculine and clean and restrained. So visually, I was satisfied. But what about the smell? Well, they’ve created their own scent called Dusk, which is very manly, sort of an old school deodorant smell, but really nice and subtle.

But that wasn’t all. The deodorant is also 100% vegan, and it contains no dyes, alcohol, or aluminum. Aluminum is thought to cause Alzheimer’s and alcohol and make your pits burn, so this, in my opinion, is a gem of the deodorant world. I know this post reeks of corporate shilling, but honestly it’s a great deodorant and an excellent alternative to all of those major brands.

Check out their whole line of products, including soap, cologne, shave cream, and after shave, all of which you can pick up on Amazon.


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  1. r0udy January 12, 2009 at 4:35 AM

    There’s something even cooler about this deodorant : the french translation that’s written just under the english “Deodorant” label. “Désodorisant”, in french, indicates the spray that’s used to wipe funny smells off the bathroom. The word for “deodorant” is, well, “déodorant”.

    Ok, this comment was useless and kind of gross, but i had to write it :)

  2. Billy Ben January 13, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    i agree with r0udy ;) french is a twisted language… bobby, can you send me one, since i dont wanna use amazon… maybe i should change this habit, and start using it – amazone – not the deodorant :)
    beni (billy ben)

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