Mike Perry Adheisve Bandages + Site Update

As a part of my epic shopping trip at Urban Outfitters, which I wrote about in the Damien Correll pillow post, I also found these sweet Mike Perry bandages, which come in a rad old school tin case, and features 4 different bandage designs, which I sadly did not take photos of. I never thought I’d run across hip bandages!

Mike also recently updated his site with tons of new work, starting 2K9 out right. I really loved the images from the Landscape Between Time & Space exhibit, especially the second image with the earth, sun, star, brick pyramid, and tree skateboarding down a hill. Way too cool.

He’s also part of a group show coming up here in LA at the Tinlark Gallery called Inspired + Oddducks on Saturday. The show features Martha Rich, Ivy Jacobsen, Marcie Paper, Kime Buzzelli, Yu-i Chan, Souther Salazar, Amy Huddleston, Rachel Papo, Anne M. Hall, Tanya Aguiñiga, Mike Perry, Henrike Stahl, and other surprises.


January 12, 2009