Empire Bottling Works’ Real Cola

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Los Angeles, 81º in the middle of January. So of course I had to go out in shorts and a tee and have a nice outdoor lunch. I headed to one of my favorite places Auntie Em’s cuz’ they have an amazing meatloaf sandwich and their red velvet cupcakes are my favorite in LA.

When I walked through the door I noticed they had some fancy new sodas in a display case, so I decided to try it. It’s called Real Cola and is bottled by Empire Bottling Works, a company based in Bristol, Rhode Island that’s been doing it since 1930. The bottle is way cute, featuring a cupcake on the top, and their phone number on the side, in case you want to order a case. I thought overall the soda was pretty good, not overly sweet and not overly carbonated either. I noticed that BevMo! does sell it online, but they’re sold out for now, so good luck trying to find it!


January 12, 2009