Damien Correll Pillow

A few weeks back I went on this epic shopping trip to the Urban Outfitters in Burbank, hearing good stories about them having couches and tons of great stuff. It turns out they were right, and one of the awesome things I found was this sweet pillow designed by Damien Correll as a part of that Nylon Mag collab they had with UO. I’ve slept on this pillow, and it’s real comfortable, and the stark black and white look great on the gray of my couch.

Sadly, the pillow is no longer for sale on the UO site, so check around and maybe you can find one for yourself. On a side note, the red plaid blanket was something I found in an antique store in Sacramento. It’s a Troy Robe blanket from the 50’s and I’m absolutely in love with it. The best part? It was only $12. Gem find.


January 12, 2009