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Studio KXX

If I ran a super-rad design firm, it would produce a lot of work just like the kids over at Studio KXX. Working from Poland, the studio is made up of Krzysztof Domaradzki and Eliza Domaradzka, a husband and wife team who together are making some really awesome work. They have a really great list of indentities they’ve done, each of them with some really great fonts and logo marks. They’re design section is also pretty rad as you can see above, the top one being a detail from a wedding invitation and the delicious looking meal promoting the Studio. I also really love the ambiance of the site itself, with it’s spacey vibe and bright yellows on black.

Check out the rest of their work by clicking here.



Yes, I didn’t forget the rest of the title to this post, this all about a guy named Ed, spelled exactly like the horse. Ed is an illustrator and comic artist who lives in Argentina, making the world a more beautiful place with every drawing he does. Ed does illustrations mostly for magazines, newspapers, and books in Europe and Latin America, so sadly the U.S. is missing out.

What’s amazing to me is how many different styles he has. You can visit three websites that he runs, one is for magazines and newspapers, one is for books, and another for personal drawings and doodles. Amazingly, all of these have different work on them, and they’re all really incredible. The pieces above were my absolutely favorites though. The textures in each of the pieces make me so happy, and the technique used in each of them is so unique and beautiful. Definitely took a look at Ed’s work on one of this three sites, you’re in for a treat.


BMW’s Kinetic Sculpture by ART+COM

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I had a really long, fun weekend, which culminated last night with two parties and way too much tequila, so I’m going to start out today with something amazing, but simple.

The video above was taken at the BMW Museum in Munich, which just opened a few weeks ago, of a kinetic sculpture created by the folks over at ART+COM. The kinetic sculpture is made up of 714 metal balls that “moves through a cycle of free abstractions and typical BMW vehicle forms.” It takes about a minute before the crazy stuff starts happening, but once it does it’s pretty damn incredible. I love that the metal balls can go from totally random, to undulating waves, to the shape of a car, that’s just insane to me. I also love how flawlessly fluid it all moves, it’s completely surreal. I watched the video while listening to Lonely Souls by UNKLE, it made for a fitting soundtrack.

Found through Aldebaran


I Was Dreaming of Just You | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

I Was Dreaming of Just You | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
Click here to download

For months now I’ve been trying to come up with a really good summer mix, something that would hopefully be relevant as the summer goes on and would pick up on the vibe of summer that I so love. This mix started out as two different beings, one was a list on my iPod of songs that I thought could work, the other a list in my iTunes. Eventually they became merged into one in Garageband and then went through another 4 versions from there, until it finally felt right. I’ve been driving around listening to this mix, and I think that’s where it’s best suited for. In my mind this mix is meant to be thought of as a night out with your friends and loved ones. You start the night out strong and with no cares, but eventually the night winds down, it’s late, it’s chilly, and you’re left with memories of that night.

The songs on this mix come from all over the place really, though several of them are pretty damn new that you may have never heard them. There’s new Beck, Dr. Dog, some pretty recent Deerhunter, coupled with some old Modest Mouse, a Radiohead B-Side and much more. This mix has 14 songs and runs 46 and a half minutes long, making it one of the longest mixes I’ve ever made. For all of you in the U.S. I hope this provides for some good Independence Day tunes, and for everyone else, here’s to an awesome summer.

01 Eternity One Night Only by Cut Copy
02 Fireworks by Animal Collective
03 The Old Days by Dr. Dog
04 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles
05 Gamma Ray by Beck
06 Summer by Modest Mouse
07 Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes
08 Summertime by Goldenboy
09 All Our Weekends by French Kicks
10 Worrywort by Radiohead
11 Beach Party Tonight by Yo La Tengo
12 Dark Moves of Love by M83
13 Twilight at Carbon Lake by Deerhunter
14 Deep Water Portishead


h(y)r collective magazine

A few weeks ago I got an email from a guy named Ryan telling me about this new online magazine he started called h(y)r collective. Basically it covers a lot of up and coming menswear, sneakers, bike related things, hell, anything these guys are passionate about. Now honestly, I wasn’t so hot on this second issue, it just didn’t do it for me. But then I got another email telling me that they ALREADY released their third issue, which totally shocked me.

So I checked it out, and WOW. They basically made this drastic jump from okay to awesome. This issue features 5 interviews with people like Jesar Gabino, designer for United Front and co-owner of Nomad, as well as in depth look at purveyors of fine leather objects, Tanner Goods. They also interviewed these guys who run a label called Our Legacy which I hadn’t heard of before. The interview is strong and I really loved the photos that were attached to it as well. There’s also two more features, music reviews, product reviews, a photo shoot and two blogs to sort through.

These guys definitely have a passion and it truly shows. Definitely keep an eye out on these h(y)r kids, they’re gonna be big.



I came across the work of Famewhore after doing some random Flickr exploration late one night. I tried emailing him to get some more info, there’s not a lot about him out in the Googles, but sadly I didn’t hear back from him. What I do know is that his name is Francis Chan, he lives in Vancouver, Canada, and he and his wife just had twin babies. But what got me excited was his amazing photography. His style is really interesting me, it all seems to have this incredible light to it. Maybe it’s that his lighting looks naturally un-natural? Or maybe it all seems somewhat perfect or planned but in this very crisp, spontaneous way. Blah, I’m getting all fluffy. Basically he’s a damn good photographer, and you should definitely check out his site.



I’m pretty excited by the idea of having games to play on my iPhone. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot like playing on a PSP, plus it’ll keep me busy while I wait places. One game that I just came across is called Rolando, it looks like it’s going to be damn fun. Basically, you control a bunch of colorful circles with funny faces on them, trying to get them to their home, which kind of looks like a cave. You control the cute little guys gesturally, like swiping left and right, and dragging a box around the circles to select them.

The circles themselves are way fun. There’s are two types of orange guys, one with yellow Wayfarers, the other with horn rim glasses. There’s a blue guy that can stick to surfaces, even upside down, a pink guy who has a little hat on his head, a big fatty guy who kind of looks like a king, and another big, drippy-looking, purple guy who can pick up the other little guys with his stickiness.

What makes the game seem even more fun is that they use The Clapping Song by Shirley Ellis. It’s absolutely infectious and would make an amazing soundtrack, though I highly doubt it’ll be used. Check out the video and see for yourself!


The Desktop Wallpaper Project Presents: DESKTOP BATTLE!

For the past couple weeks I’ve been trying to figure out a way to take The Desktop Wallpaper Project and put a new spin on it. The idea is definitely still fresh and fun, but I wanted a way to connect with you all, the readers, just a little bit more. So I thought, well, why don’t you all start helping out by creating your own? Thus DESKTOP BATTLE! was born (yes, all uppercase, like you’re screaming it at the top of your lungs, haha…).

DESKTOP BATTLE! works like this. I’ll be giving you all a theme at the beginning of each month, it’ll be something random and fun each time, and then you have until the end of the month to email it to me. Then I’ll go through everyone that submits a design and choose my favorite three designs. The judging is based solely on what I think looks the best, there’s no playing favorites or anything like that, it’s just my personal opinion. Then at the end of the month, the top three designs will be displayed on the site and given away as official Desktop Wallpapers. So not only could you, the awesome creative type you are, be seen by lots and lots of people, but everyone who reads the blog now gets three wallpapers to choose from at the end of the month. It’s a pretty win-win situation.

But amazingly, that’s not all! The three top designs chosen will also win prizes! I’ve teamed up with the awesome folks over at Gama-Go to give you guys some pretty awesome rewards as well. The first place winner is going to receive one of their awesome new messenger bags (I have one, it’s crazy nice), second place is going to receive one of their ultra-fun pillows, and third place will get a t-shirt. Not bad a deal, huh?

Here’s the details, so be sure to read this part thoroughly:

This months theme is going to be GHOSTS. Your wallpaper needs to have a ghost somewhere visible on it. Zombies or dead people don’t work, nor do Ghost in the Shell-based wallpapers. Although if you did a Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore wallpaper, you might get kudos for creativity, but you might also get disqualified. If it doesn’t fit these very simple standards, it gets the boot, capiche?

Your wallpaper needs to be created at 3840 x 2400 pixels, but I want you to send me a smaller JPG of the large file instead. I’ve got about 7000MB of space in my Gmail account, but I don’t want giant images clogging things up. Also, don’t post a link to your wallpaper in the comments section. That ruins the surprise and disqualifies your design, no matter how rad it may be.

You must get me your wallpaper by July 27th, 2008 at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.
That gives you 25 days to get your design to me, which should be VERY do-able. Anything that comes in later than that will be burned on a sacrificial alter as a tribute to some horrible pagan gods.

Send all wallpapers to:
If you have any questions about the project, feel free to leave them in the comments section because someone else could be wondering the same thing!

And of course, because today is Wednesday, you still get a wonderful wallpaper, this one courtesy of the guys at Gama-Go, since they were kind enough to hook you guys up with prizes!

For some reason or another, Deathbot is totally pissed off and throwing these giant-spiky-mountain things around. I don’t know what his deal is, but makes for an awesome wallpaper, and it looks particularly great on my iPhone. Be sure to check back next week for another awesome wallpaper and be sure to get started on your ghosty drawings! I’m so excited to see what you all come up with!


Redesigning The Milk Jug

The New York Times has an interesting article on a newly redesigned milk jug that’s starting to be carried by some Walmarts and Costcos here in the U.S. The jug was created because of the inefficiency of the traditional milk jugs shape. Because of the way traditional jugs are shaped, they have to be transported in crates 4 at a time, while the redesigned jugs can be stacked on top of each other and put on pallets. By packaging and shipping them in this new way, it’s possibly to ship 50% more milk at a time. This means savings in a number of different areas including at the register, where the newly designed jugs have dropped in price from $2.58 to $2.18.

But what’s interesting is that the people who’ve used the jugs aren’t totally thrilled by it. In a demonstration given by a Costco employee, she suggests setting the jug on the table and then pouring. To me this just sounds like a poor design decision. Why the hell does the opening need to be THAT big? It’s looks like it’s almost 2″ across. I just think it’s funny that no one took ergonomics into account, they just wanted to ship out more milk faster and cheaper.

I also completely hate the shape, it looks like it was put together by an engineer, not a designer. More than anything though it looks like a detergent bottle, and the fact that I related the jug of milk to detergent is pretty gross. Someone should really design a milk container that’s not only practical in many ways, but looks sexy as well. Why shouldn’t milk be sexy?


My Jawbone Headset: One Month Later

It’s July 1st, which for those in California means you can no longer talk on your cellphone and drive at the same time. Well you can, but you face the risk of getting yourself a ticket. So about a month ago I decided to by myself a Jawbone headset, even though they are a bit pricey, I heard they were worth it. And after a month of use, I’d have to agree and say it’s definitely worth it.

When I first got the Jawbone I wasn’t a big fan, it fit in my ear horribly. Then I realized that the ear clip comes in different sizes, and I needed the big-eared freak size. I swapped the small one for the big one and voila, much better. As for the sound and hearing quality, it’s pretty remarkable. I tested it out the first night by calling my mom as I drove down the freeway with all ym windows down and my music playing. Amazingly, she couldn’t hear a damn bit of it, so when they advertise their NoiseAssassin feature, you should definitely believe it.

I’ve actually been really happy with it, my one and only beef with the Jawbone are the little things that go over your ear. Like I said I’ve had it for a month, but I’ve already snapped one of them in half from it being in my pocket. As a dude, I don’t have a purse to carry it in, nor do I want to leave it in my ear all day looking like Uhura. The package does include replacements, but if I break these once a month, that would be no good. Maybe I just need to be more careful? I dunno, but that was my experience so far.

I checked out their website and funny enough they’re having a special Hands Free Ticket Discount, meaning if you get a ticket for talking on your phone, punch in your ticket number and they’ll give you $20 a Jawbone. Pretty cool, huh? Anyhow, if you need a wireless headset, I’d definitely check out their site and see for yourself.