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Yesterday I picked up my friend Frank, who some of you might remember from his short lived blog Frank Food, and as he got in the car I noticed he was carrying a really great new bag, the bag you see above. I asked him who made it, and to my shock he said that he did. Right off the bat he told me it wasn’t difficult at all to make, but I was so impressed with it that I told him he had to make me one for Xmas! I love the way the stripes are laid out, and it’s hard to tell from this photo but the stitching at the top is great. The detail of the frayed edge at the top is also pretty awesome.

He’s currently working on some more designs, so I’ll keep everyone updated when he comes up with some other stuff! I can’t wait for December 25th!


Vintage How They Make An Eames Shell Chair Video

I think most design minded people hold a special regard for any Eames creation, but their Shell Chair was definitely one of the most iconic of the bunch. Watching this video is an amazing experience, getting to see every nook and cranny of how these amazing chairs are constructed. What I really love about this video is how there isn’t one word spoken in the whole thing, there’s only the frantic jazz music of Buddy Collette to guide you through the process. Beautiful isn’t strong enough of a word for this video.

Found through Core77


The Mollusk Family Poster Show

Last Saturday was The Mollusk Family Poster Show in San Francisco, where they had a bunch of limited edition screenprints for sale from a ton of artists like Geoff McFetridge, Thomas Campbell, Jeff Canham, Kyle Field, Christopher Gentile, Rachel Kaye, Alex Kopps, John McCambridge, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Jeff Scharf.

My favorite of all them was Todd St. John’s contribution which you see above. I personally feel like he nailed it on this print, with some really odd/wonderful imagery and an amazing shade of green. The show will be up at Mollusk until January 16th, but if you can’t make it you can still buy any of these prints from their online store for $60, just click the word ART on the left side of the site.


Element’s Conscious by Nature Collection

Spotted these sweet Element sneakers in the latest issue of Antenna and thought they were pretty rad. But it wasn’t until I kept learned a little bit more about them that I really understood how cool they were. They’re a part of Element’s new Conscious by Nature line, which features shoes that are made eco-friendlier. The product description sums up the shoes nicely:

It’s made from sustainable materials, with chemical free shell textiles, bamboo collar, tongue and insole linings, ortholite insole foam in place of EVA, soy-based ink logo treatments, 100% water-based cement, and natural crepe outsole.

So not only are these rugged and manly looking, with their plaid bodies and heathered uppers, but they’re also a little bit better for the environment. At first I thought I liked the bottom pair, the Why-No CC, but I think I’m digging the top pair more, the Omahigh. Either way they’re quite a pair of beautiful shoes.

You can pick up the Omahighs by clicking here.
You can snag the Why-No CCs by clicking here.


Poster Children | Recreating Great Depression Era Posters

Readymade recently asked five great artists to come up with some posters based around the posters you would find around the time of the Great Depression, obviously because of the U.S.’s current economic climate. As Steven Heller wrote in his intro to the project:

Given the current economic meltdown, this 75th anniversary of the New Deal has particular resonance. How might the current government stem the tide of economic and psychological depression? Can artists and designers help in similar ways today? It’s curious that the WPA style has been reprised in the recent past as a quaint retro conceit, but today may be an opportune time for a brand-new graphic language—equal in impact to the original initiative, but decidedly different—to help rally the cause of hope and optimism.

The two posters above are from Mike Perry and Nick Dewar, respectively, and there are posters from Christopher Silas Neal, Open, and Christoph Neal as well. You can download these posters as PDF’s for your own uses by clicking here.

Found through Monoscope, who’s also rocking an amazing new logo.


Souvenir de Chine by Körner Union

Sorry to post two videos in a row, a personal pet peeve, but this video is so weird and wonderful I have to. It was created by the Swiss group Körner Union, and features a ton of mirrors and lots of fuzzy and feathered little friends. The idea is simple, set up two mirros at an angle, throw a bunch of animals in it, tape it from above so it looks like a kaelidescope, and voila! Instant awesome art.

My favorite part comes in around the 2 minute mark when they throw in the parakeets, which in turn makes the mice scramble like crazy. A very random video, but beautiful and creative nonetheless.


Metal Heart, Moving Tilt Shift Goodness

I think this tilt shift stuff is kinda neat, but more of a novelty than anything, not that I think it’s easy to do. But when you add motion it definitely elevates it to a whole other level. The video above is called Metal Heart and features a tilt shift video of a monster truck rally. What ends up happening is that it looks like Micro Machine monster trucks, almost like something you’d see on Robot Chicken. The speeded up, jerky motions of the trucks is pretty awesome, as are the super saturated colors as well. Definitely loving this.

You can also check out the video in HD by clicking on the Vimeo logo in the player.



Newsbits is something new I want to try, as I read quite a lot of stuff online, and often never pass it onto anyone, ever. So what this is going to be is fun and random articles that I enjoyed with a brief bit about why I liked them. News + Bits = Newsbits.

Is Bill Murray NYC’s New Party Boy?

An amazing article about Bill Murray being the coolest guy in New York. My favorite part is toward the end where they discuss the urban myth of Bill Murray surprising a man in Central Park. You’ll have to read it for the punchline to that one.

Marc Jacobs is the Shameless High Priest of Fashion

I love reading anything and everything about Marc Jacobs, he’s such a big inspiration for me. Articles like this simply fuel that fire.

A.V. Club Interview with Wes Anderson

Since Bottle Rocket has been released on Criterion Collection Wes Anderson sat down with A.V. Club to have a little chat about it as well as what his favorite first films are.

Designer of the Year: The Incredible Suit-Shrinking Man

This one is kind of an old one, but I had been meaning to pick up this GQ that dubbed Thom Browne the designer of the year for 2008. I think his clothes are pretty great, and slightly off-kilter, which is always fun. I also loved learning a few intimate details about Mr. Browne as well, like that he eats white toast and coffee every morning. For some reason those little details intrigue me.


They Don’t Pierce The Night | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape

They Don’t Pierce The Night | A Kitsune Noir Mixtape
Click here to download

Here’s my second treat for the morning, another new mixtape. This one has been kicking around for a couple months now, but I’ve been trying to stagger the mixes a bit so that each mix gets it’s own attention. It’s called They Don’t Pierce The Night, and is a pretty sentimental mix. It was made for someone that I care deeply for, but it’s very nostalgic at the same time.

There’s also an odd twist to the mix. It’s actually based off of The Velvet Underground’s self titled album from 1969. I tried to match the tone of the album, and as you’ll notice, Pale Blue Eyes is on here as well as If You Rescue Me, a modified version of After Hours used for the film Science of Sleep. As per usual I went a little crazy with the deeper meanings on this album, and hopefully that shows.

Lastly, this is not a holiday album, that one should be done next week as many of you have been asking for one. Sit tight, I promise to get you all something. And with that, I hope you enjoy this sentimental little mixtape I’ve made.

01 The Apidistra Flies by Stars
02 Teen Creep by No Age
03 Heart From All Of Us by White Denim
04 Honest James by Thurston Moore
05 I’ll Be Yr Bird by M. Ward
06 Lender in the Temple by Conor Oberst
07 Hymn and Her by Earlimart
08 It’s A Motherfucker by Eels
09 Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground
10 If You Rescue me by Gael Garcia Bernal


The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Adrian Fleet

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Adrian Fleet

Adrian Fleet

Good morning everybody. Sorry I missed out last week, but I have two fun surprises for this morning. The first is the awesome desktop you see above by Mr. Adrian Fleet, a UK illustrator who wrote to tell me that we were connected in three rather odd ways. He also sent me a link to his work which features all sorts of weird ass monster-y people, all of them colored in with this great color palette he uses.

The wallpaper above is Adrian’s “entirely depressing and pessimistic view of the Earth”, though he says, “I’ve managed to make it look laughable. (I never could take myself seriously).” I couldn’t agree more. I’m so in love with all he craggly little details he’s put into this, there’s seriously so much going on here, I’m sure people will definitely do a double take when they pass by your screen.