Will Govus

I’m pretty sure that I spotted one of Will Govus’ photos on FFFFOUND! a couple weeks ago, the one you see up there, and since then I’ve had a tab of his Flickr photos still open. His work reminds a lot of Todd Hido’s, with lots of long exposures of houses and residential neighborhoods, but there’s a different sensibility to Will’s work.

The exciting thing about Mr. Govus is that he’s only 17, and still has a ton of time to explore and create new things. I really enjoyed this downed light pole and this old gas station, which has some really amazing colors to it, and this portrait of his friend, which is pretty hysterical.

You can check out more of his work by clicking his name above, which I’d highly suggest you doing. You can also check out Will’s real website by clicking here.


December 30, 2008