Philippe Starck Goes Shopping at Big Lots!

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been away and so busy that I haven’t posted! I feel horrible about it, but I think I just need to dip my toes back into the blogging world and all will be well again.

So I spotted this article over on The Pursuit Aesthetic and I had to post it, mostly because it’s absolutely ridiculous. Earlier this month, the LA Times got internationally renowned designer and architect Philippe Starck to go shopping at the Big Lots! on Vine, which is about two or three blocks from the Katsuya designed. His task, as he puts it, was to see if you “Can you live elegantly and economically?”

And so he does just that, spending about 45 minutes in the store, looking for items that aren’t over-designed, and going for simplicity more than anything else, a white table cloth being a shining example. It’s quite a ridiculous thing for him to do, but amusing nonetheless. I really love that he drove to the store in an army green Volkswagen Thing as well, a car that an old friend from high school was obsessed with.

Click here to read the story, and be sure to check out the photos as well.


P.S. This goes out to the guy who recognized me at Osteria La Buca, that definitely made my night.

December 30, 2008