X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Oh snap! The trailer for the new Wolverine movie dropped today and hoooollly crap it looks sweet. The movie tells the origin story of Wolverine, starting out with his childhood, fighting in a shit ton of wars (cuz he’s over 100 years old) and finally how he ended up with his adamantium skeleton. The movie features a ton of comics from all over the X-Men universe like Gambit, who is featured prominently in the trailer and is one of my favorite X-Men ever. There’s also gonna be Deadpool, The Blob, a young Storm, possibly that dude in the wheelchair from the second film, and the White Queen, who I’m hoping they bring over to X-Men: First Year to be a teacher.

This looks really promising, and I’m hoping they can continue this streak of awesome movies.
Click here to watch the trailer in all sorts of different sizes.


December 15, 2008